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11/15/2004 c3 SweetDreams
You don't give yourself enough credit. Even your first draft is better than 90% of the stuff on here. This story seems a lot more character-driven. Both Brian and Celeste have very strong personalities. Not that I would know, but it seems accurate for their age, because I would think by then most people are sure of who they are. OK, I get the feeling I'm babbling nonsense...Just wanted to let you know I'm reading it and enjoying it.
11/15/2004 c3 christa
11/14/2004 c3 ghenne04
Woohoo! New chapter! I like this one - especially the whole thing about the weight loss.. that was great.. lol. Anyway - nice job! Keep writing and update soon!
11/14/2004 c3 AlienVision
ok, I'm filled up with hw right now, so I'm gonna keep this short.
this chapter is good. great, even.
lol, too lazy to think of compliments.
just a question here. is this story gonna be finished at 50,0 words, or are you gonna continue it, and make it longer after november?
11/11/2004 c2 4Jolly B
that was cool, confusing, but cool. do you mind helping me out a bit, like explaining their relationship from past and present? I'm confused, i mean i get the jist, just not enitrely. i couldn't figure out which parts were present and past.
11/11/2004 c2 ghenne04
I just started reading this story - seems pretty interesting so far. Of course I should be studying for my chem prelim tonight, but oh well, instead I chose to read your story. I'm glad I did! Nice job. Keep writing and update soon!
11/8/2004 c1 2kathleen-525
So glad to read something written by you again. Can't wait for an update!
11/8/2004 c1 LaFleurRouge
This story sounds interesting. I think my friend is doing the same writing contest as you, or she did it last year. I remember reading some stuff about the characters, two gay britism boys. But anyway this story sounds interesting and the characters actually feel like normal everyday people (most likely because they are, duh silly me). But anyways I can't wait to read more. What does Celeste look like? Her kids?
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