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for Disney Land with the Death Penalty

12/8/2009 c1 4pukka
Actually, it's 4.8 million now.
12/21/2006 c1 7Haku
This is fantastic. I have online contacts who live in Singapore and they're equally pessimistic (or perhaps "dismayed"?) with their political situation. Wonderful bit of satire - your metaphors are brilliantly conducted and darkly - yet almost poignantly - humorous. I will check out more of your work ASAP.
6/23/2006 c1 622Jave Harron
Just happened to read this story. Nice to see someone else has used Singapore, and has researched in a very thorough way. From your screenname, I see you used the title of a favorite book of mine from a favorite writer. I have a few online friends in "Mr. Lee's Greater Singapore," and you certainly nailed all the descriptions they've mentioned. So you've been there before, I take it?

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