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for First Kiss

11/7/2005 c1 taryn
hey baby love, i thought i might review this one for the hell of it. i no u havnt been writing here for a while so i thought u might need a new review. this is one of my personal favorites of yours, perticularly because of the irony. what do i mean, u ask. just the fact that you havnt had ur first kiss yet! u no i love you tho, and u no u love me too! kisses baby, xoxoxoxo
11/8/2004 c1 4PCSG89
Nice take... that is very interesting POV, and I like it. Show the world something they have never seen before! Bravo!
Please R&R my story Manikin Dance or any other if you get the chance!
11/8/2004 c1 34Lullaby Siren
This poem...it is so powerful. I like the way you word things...how they seem to rhyme...yet don't. Keep up the great work.

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