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for Prayer Beads

7/21/2006 c1 awais
trying to touch the sky? nicely put tho!
3/13/2005 c1 10youdon'tknowme91
i'm sorry i haven't been around to review lately but this is definitely beautiful :) i especially like your summary and title ;) He is simply beyond words amazing, isn't He? :) oh and i am SO honoured that you actually put up my name at your profile (!) :D i'm glad that all my reviews are deeply appreciated :p ;)
11/12/2004 c1 30Stringergirl
all i can say is that it's very well-written, but i'm such a dud i can't understand what's it's all abt...ur style is very different frm any other poet i've ever read
11/9/2004 c1 rd-kittykat
11/9/2004 c1 1whitesmoke
ok so here we go... good poem but who's the "he"... anyhoo happy?

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