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for The Love Of Richard Nixon

2/23/2006 c3 Theatre des Vampires
Didn't have time to read the last two chapters, but i skimmed.

I just today posted a much for hateful essay onn Jonh, i was looking to see if anyone else had. I wish Tofujunky would. She has plenty of things to say i'm sure, though she's too polite to him. Thumbs up on these, i agree with you. As an american, i have no problem with you bragging about you're economy, it is better than ours, NO THANKS TO GEORGIE.

Thanks for the review.

~Theatre des Vampires
12/10/2005 c2 27macro90
A European cares about American politics. An American argues that the European shouldn't be interested because he cannot vote in an American election (because he is non-American). However, using this argument most Americans shouldn't care about politics at all because their single votes has little reasonable effect (if not no effect) on the outcome of the election. Clearly then for most people involvement in political issues is not a matter of how much their vote counts. Political involvement is likely a function of other considerations like emotions.
12/10/2005 c1 macro90
Easy there. not all americans are like John Stein.

i thought the american economy was doing better than Europe's economy. It depends on which Europe we're talking about though. Continental Europe is doing poorly economy-wise, but Britain I hear is healthy, and so too is the US. Last time I checked GDP growth rate looked good.

Are you racist? Immigration is something to be happy. More immigration helps the economy. It may be the reason why British and American economies are better than Germany and Japan. Japan has almost zero immigration, ageing population, negative population growth, and a looming labor crisis.
1/2/2005 c1 GoogleCorelli
oh, oh, thank you.

i don't mind getting bad reviews and i totally respect other's opinions, but when someone reviews something and uses the line "Silly Arabs, Freedom's for us!" (which this person did) THAT makes me angry.

thanks for your review, also.

love fromGoogleCorelli
11/21/2004 c3 4John Stein PhD
"When did you say that to me? You are just making things up"

I'm sure on Spawnmeister's essay. Could be wrong.

"how can one side win when it ended with a stalemate?"

Britain's objective: take back America. Objective failed, therefore, America wins.

"Also, why would America want to kick Britain's mule? I can only assume that you meant to say arse because ass does not refer to any part of a human body."

That was so funny. I'm serious. Because you mocked me because our slang word for the human buttocks is different from yours. So that must mean I actually meant "mule" right?
11/19/2004 c1 9Cthulhu
"But, like I told Cthulhu (twice I might add)"-Stein

When did you say that to me? You are just making things up.

"If you take anything Cthulhu says to be true (especially when she/he/it starts talking about American politics), then I feel really bad for you."-Voronwe

You make me laugh, what do you mean take it to be true? I have presented opinions.

Oh yeah, Stein, about that other "forgotten" war that Britain had its "ass" kicked, it ended in a stalemate, how can one side win when it ended with a stalemate? Also, why would America want to kick Britain's mule? I can only assume that you meant to say arse because ass does not refer to any part of a human body.

Voronwe is so cool, he's right, boring satire is great. Being politically correct is crap.

11/19/2004 c3 Cthulhu
Why are you getting so apologetic over chapter one?

Go OM its ya' birthday etc.
11/18/2004 c2 1Voronwe
Holy shit. I haven't laughed that hard in ages.

"And as one reviewer said "There's never been a coloured president either" You want to get onto them?"

I'm pretty sure you took a reviewer's statement (AKA, not my opinion) in the wrong context for starters. Secondly, I'm no racist. Not only is it a matter of me not wanting to be racist, but also that racist jokes just aren't funny...

Unlike women jokes. Which are hilarious.

11/18/2004 c2 6MrFlames
btw, FYI:

"The UK annexed Southern Rhodesia from the South Africa Company in 1923. A 1961 constitution was formulated that favored whites in power. In 1965 the government unilaterally declared its independence, but the UK did not recognize the act and demanded more complete voting rights for the black African majority in the country (then called Rhodesia). UN sanctions and a guerrilla uprising finally led to free elections in 1979 and independence (as Zimbabwe) in 1980. Robert MUGABE, the nation's first prime minister, has been the country's only ruler (as president since 1987) and has dominated the country's political system since independence. His chaotic land redistribution campaign begun in 20 caused an exodus of white farmers, crippled the economy, and ushered in widespread shortages of basic commodities. Ignoring international condemnation, MUGABE rigged the 2002 presidential election to ensure his reelection. Opposition and labor groups launched general strikes in 2003 to pressure MUGABE to retire early; security forces continued their brutal repression of regime opponents."
11/18/2004 c3 MrFlames
I sure hope there's another 9/11. Man, that'd be weird if there wasn't. I mean, really. In fact, I want there to be a lot more 9/11s... because if there aren't, well, that would mean time stopped. In fact, I think there should be exactly one 9/11 per year. No more, no less.

After all, we've had, what three sense the one in 2001?
11/16/2004 c2 16Calvin Fitzgerald
Firstly, allow us to review without logging on, it makes for a far more entertaining debate, believe me.
As for your comments regarding my review, any press is good press, right? I can understand that you might disagree with our foriegn policy, but then again, it is our foriegn policy. America considered Saddam Hussien a threat, as did much of the rest of the world at the time, disregarding what we know now (Hindsight is 20/20) the only difference is that the United States was willing to act. Unfortunatly, the toppling of Saddam did threaten Europes interests. Apparently he paid France for its Security Council votes, purchased weapons from France and Russia, and employed Germans to build his bunkers. Europe was making plenty of money when Saddam was in charge of Iraq. It always hurts when your hand gets caught in the cookie jar.
As for the War on Terror remark, that joke hasn't been used to many times, has it now? Rather then smirking and cracking jokes Europeans ought to admire the US for at least committing to reach such a lofty goal? Of course, not, if we were smarter we'd sit at home and let some sort of corrupt, outdated, and largely useless world organization that gives countries like China and Libya the same stature as the US and UK, right?
Frankly, it seems that American's would rather like a straight forward, standfast, principled leader then a public opinion grubbing, flip flopping, "hawk" liberal who would exploit his Vietnam service to get elected. Gee, I wonder which was the lesser of two evils?
Calvin Fitzgerald
11/16/2004 c2 15Radyn
"I AM NOT ELITIST. Middle class white girl? Difficult to be very elitist."
Your perspective comes from the assumption you make that voting for Bush was an objectively "wrong" choice, and that anyone who did so was of lesser intelligence. Sounds pretty elitist to me, and being white or middle class has nothing to do with that mentality.
"Did you see "The Parent Trap"? It was crap and wrong. I know about two people like the Europeans there, out of about 150. Wrong. You seem to be using that as your inspiration for the review."
No, I didn't see the "Parent Trap". What the hell are you talking about?
"Not giving a monkey's about anyone else outside of your own little group IS a little bit sad and self-absorbed."
And yet that's how everyone votes. Most liberals side with Kerry because they feel his platform best benefits their own life. Same for conservatives with Bush. Taking care of yourself is top priority, then you can start worrying about others.
"I'm NOT thanking you"
Aww, you hurt my feelings.
11/16/2004 c2 4John Stein PhD
Actually, tofujunky, you're all right. Disagree with me or not on certain things, you do make me laugh once in a while.
11/15/2004 c1 57tofujunky
"Read it for nodding if you're a sane person and you've had the unfortunate luck to encounter him"

Sweetheart, you are giving him way, way, way too much credit. My goodness, one could easily unveil his stupidity without even trying.

"This was all directed at him. I think Americans are actually some of the coolest people sometimes. It's just this one that really pisses me off."

Why? Why would you allow yourself to get angry over some worthless ignoramus' opinions. C'mon, if you believe what he says is shit, shove it back into his mouth and make him swallow. It's simple . . . and fun. Try it.

John Stein:

"now you've just proven yourself to be as touchy as him (yes, Cthulhu is a him, but you probably mistook him because of his manner of writing). See, I wasnt insulted by the "freak" comment. However, he might have flown off the handle at that."

I called you a "fool", so you placed an author's block on me, deleted all my unsigned reviews, then flame my stuff. So who are you to criticize anyone for being sensitive, you pussy?

Five Little Known Facts About John Stein:
1. He has multiple FP accounts
2. He praises his own work in his own review board under his other pseudonyms.
3. I have his balls.
4. He loves Jesus and Bush equally.
5. He hates me. With tremendous passion. I don't know why, but I honestly don't give a fuck.

"I don't follow spanish elections because spain isnt my country, my opinion doesnt count in their elections, so I'm not going to fret over their political affairs."

You're sixteen! Following your logic, your opinions wouldn't count anywhere in any election, dumbshit.

"Hell, even a few of the "anyone but Bush" Dems I know switched sides when they saw bin Laden quoting Mike Moore. Any candidate that Bin Laden endorses isnt worthy of the presidency."

Did you know?:
Osama your mama is pro-death penalty.
He is against a woman's right to choose (anti-abortion).
He is against gay marriages.
He endorses religion and "God."
He endorses gun rights.
He supported the invasion of Iraq. He thanked Bush for it.

So should we be against everything he's for and support everything he opposes, you fucking retard?

And the whole "Osama would vote for Kerry" crap came from Bush and his ingenious weasels. They also came up with these brilliant campaign lines: "A vote for Kerry is a vote for Death!," "Kerry will take away your Bible, your Bible!," and "No Kerry, no homos!"

11/15/2004 c1 6MrFlames
ZOMGWTFLOL! This is relevant somehow! I'm sure if I look hard enough I'll find something there worth reading!
By the way, the expression is, "Shut the FUCK UP!" Just say it man, get it out.
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