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for Before You Let Go

5/22/2005 c1 34Bittersweetwriting
you may have just saved some peoples lives. Bravo.
4/16/2005 c1 Eboniccinderella
Just be strong for those who weren't.Beautiful.
1/22/2005 c1 61Stories-have-souls
Wow this poem really brings home the reality of suicide...it's so well written too.
12/30/2004 c1 62graffiti-skies
its so sad when ppl try to commit suicide...ur poem brings out the msg well...good work!
12/20/2004 c1 24goldengirl67
so true. suicide is a pointless way to end your life.
11/15/2004 c1 26BestSkeptic
Touching. One of the better poems I've read lately.

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