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for Carpe Anima

12/17/2004 c5 walter
You kick ass.
11/27/2004 c5 Shaz
oh my god. i was holding back tears cause this was really moving. i know exactly how this young girl felt, i mean with the skin condition and everything...it ruins your life...no one wants to know...i even tried suicide once, but im glad i didnt, or i wouldnt be on here, getting reviews for my work and reading such brilliant stuff...i truly think you should submit this to a competition, if i was a judge id make sure you were at least a semi finialist, because you told the story of how so many young people feel. you should say to yourself, wow...this is an emotional piece of writing, cause it fucking well is. the way you expressed her emotions was so real, so there, so perfect, it made my whole body just tremble with utter sadness. and i love the way you let her feel some sort of happiness, even though she ended things, with Micheal. he in a way could have saved her pain, but in the end it was just to late. sadly. well done for writing such a brilliant piece. go submit it now, before i find you and force you. ^_^

(fivedollarshake is my penname)
11/25/2004 c1 3vampindelibleink
This is a good start. Poor Naomi - eczema and the way kids are treated at school is topical in Australia at the moment. These are both likeable characters that you've created.

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