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for The Documents of Henry Pullond

3/2/2005 c7 Melissa Lea Night
damn sage, you're evolving as a writer. i'm so proud!
3/2/2005 c5 Melissa Lea Night
holy shit, that's all i can say. this is great stuff.
3/2/2005 c1 Melissa Lea Night
goddamn, this is intense, are you continuing with this or is it completed?
2/12/2005 c1 i am a chiwawa
Marissa, I love you =)umm, Great story, It was very interesting..i wanna be hypnotized!
1/12/2005 c7 Torchered Sakura
well...there's something i wasn't xpecting lol. anyway great story.

1/4/2005 c7 28amaya dwyn
what was that you said? "...will have a pleasant ending for him" Hum... interesting
1/4/2005 c7 4Lady Katreina
Oh my! ... Um.. I dunno what to say? Who lived with Henry? Who really did kill her? WHO WROTE THAT NOTE? obviously their one in the same but... ooh! I hope you continue!
1/3/2005 c6 Lady Katreina
_ that's not good! Poor Henry! Poor Dr. George... Thanks for updating! ^_^
1/3/2005 c6 28amaya dwyn
hum, interesting developments... I'm interested to read more ( but first you have to write it)
1/1/2005 c5 4Lady Katreina
Oh my! Poor Henry! Hmm... though I like the way you have done just the sessions and journal entrys. Kind of puts it diffrently. And wow! Please continue. Thanks ^_^
12/30/2004 c1 Duelling Violins
For your summary: The correct spelling would be 'Chronological'.
12/11/2004 c3 13sunscraped
I like this, even though it brings back terrible memories... Long time no see.~!
12/1/2004 c2 miseria angelo
o0o gettin interesting there...so wat happens next?
12/1/2004 c2 2Sylf
Wow! Very good, very intense... I look forward to reading more, if there is more... I really, really like this. :)
11/18/2004 c1 miseria angelo
wow...that was..i don't even have words. sounds like someone i once went through..just under a different circumstance. anyway great job...it rox.

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