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8/22/2005 c9 Silent-Death-Rain
Great job! I think it was really awzum!
5/31/2005 c1 33aeolyn
Awesome start so far and I love the story already. You've got a few typos here and there, but nothing too, too bad. Other than that, great job!
4/26/2005 c8 Ashley
How many times do I have 2 tell u 2 get on with chapter 7? u r a failure :) nice dedication by the way. i just now read it :)
2/25/2005 c9 Ashley M
Get on w/chapter 7! i've been waiting a long time
2/7/2005 c9 Ashley Kesa
good chapter! keep it up! also, hurry ur ass up with chapter 7!
1/28/2005 c6 ashley
well, everything's really good. ur grammer could be better *wink*. but a little mistake here. in the 1st chapter (or the opening scene), everybody's in the gym, and they start diasppearing, except u don't know what happens to sereka, asaya, and kesa. anyways, good job, dude.
1/28/2005 c9 Kaze
Reno better whoop up all over this vampire biatch. I would do it but this is not those who protect...but if it was I would show him how we do it. Well good chapter again. But if I may ask one qeustion... WHY DID THE FIGHT HAVE TO DO UNDECIDED! Oh well there'll just have to be another fight sometime. Let's see what else did I see in here...oh yeah... Yamato should die of a veenerial disease. that's all. Keep writing and update soon. Catch you on the flip side. Kaze Holimion
1/11/2005 c8 Ashley
Well, it's good, real good. I just don't remember who some people are. For instance, i don't remember who Daisuke, Keisuke, Giah, Ren, Yui, Atsuka, and Kia are. But that's it. And something about the opening scene. In the part where they're all in the gym, u left out a part. What happens to Sereka, Asaya, and Kesa? Just answer that dude, and u'll be fine. also, u seriously need to fix grammer. i'll do it 4 u if u want.
12/29/2004 c7 Kaze
HOW COME KOURI GOT TO HIT HIM! DAMNIT! I should have destroyed him MWUAHAHAHAHA! WEll now that I got that out of my system. Another good chapter except I have one question... with all these people fall in love are you going to turn this into one of those stories where they all have a wild orgy and some get smothered to death? Cause that would be creepy. Well good work and if you need help writing any of the fights or spars I would be glad to help. Well check you later casper. Kaze
12/28/2004 c7 Ashley
When it get good..chapter stops..But its all good I like how you write you just good at it. Keep on writing!
12/27/2004 c6 Ashley
Why why does it have to stoop! O_O i wish for more chapters! It was very good. ^_^
12/21/2004 c6 Kaze
Hey who the hell is this new guy. We should have wooped up on him, Yui and Yamato. Give me Gotsu and we will take them all! Well really good chapter I like this one but there was one thing I could not figure out. Why the hell was everyone out so late! And what library in all of hell would be open at that hour. Well good chapter and update soon yo.

Kaze out
12/20/2004 c6 Kouri Noyami
Happy Kira? I finally reviewed! IT'S A MIRACLE! Anyway, good so far Fortune Cookie, keep up the good work. AND STOP CRACKING ON ME DAMN IT! Oh and by the way, If I get a Arrow, flaming or not, Stuck in my ass in this story, I'll have to let Andy have his way with you, Chris will help him too. AND NO VAMPIRE BITTING MYT ASS EITHER AS YOU SO NICELY THREATENED! Anyway, Good job and keep writting. See you later Kira, Kouri Noyami, LastLord Of the Ice Shadow Blades,Prince and Ruler of the Shintazi Demons
12/20/2004 c5 Jennifer Russell
I love your story so far. Can't blame you for needing to take a brake from so many stories but as soon as you get a chance WRITE MORE! lol cya
11/23/2004 c3 Kaze Holimion

nice to see you finally got this up on press.net. Well as always I like what is going on so keep this up. * starts to sing * if you wanna step up step up your gonna get knocked down knocked down, if you wanna step up step up your gonna get knocked down, you have your chance to walk away, live to see another day, if you wanna step up step up your gonna get knocked down knocked down, your gonna get knocked down * stops singing* damn earworm. I LOVE THE OPENING SCENE! well peace. Catch you on the flip side
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