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10/26/2006 c1 57teh tarik
the best rhyming poem ever i've come across in this whole place. I can't pick a favourite line, they were all brilliant, & the wonderful use of rhyme enhanced everything. this has to go on my faves.
12/21/2005 c1 73Jezsh
powerful and magical...I love the progression from the clouds to the broader deeper more personal questions. The way it rhymes is also really interesting, I like that.
12/2/2005 c1 a lonely september
ohmygod. this was purely amazing. i have never read anything like it. it was so beautiful, so professional... &the ending was so amazing. you rock.
6/26/2005 c1 addie pray
I liked this, especially "the wrath of an age/sealed with Lucifer's breath". Lovely imagery here.
1/6/2005 c1 69this is britt
very...just. honestly it was something brilliant.
12/5/2004 c1 romancingthemoon
A proper use of rhyming is so effective, yet rarely can anyone manange to do it. I have lots of trouble rhyming.

You have yet again laced words together into something effulgent.
11/24/2004 c1 69the cereal killer
God I missed your writing.

"We wept till the marrowwas nought but clean sandfilling the glassof our bones"Wonderful.

And the form/structure; you are an awesome story-teller.

(spitfired here.)
11/23/2004 c1 1insertterriblypoeticlinehere
Very impressive - I enjoyed this immensely. Despite a few errors (spelling?), your grammar was good. 'Parchment rain,' definately gave the feel of something frayed along the edges. And then by the end there's this sort of chaos, what with the rejection and sort of hopelessness you feel with being lost. Superb word choice. This seemed to take a while to come, but it was worth waiting for. Good job.
11/20/2004 c1 GoodbyeDeleteThisPage
And I had thought you dead from the lack of poetry flowing from you're account. Oh how I have missed your words!This is so beautiful with a vintage kind of beauty. Old and delicate mixed with young and coarse. Oh the stars, the stars. Oh how I love Michelangelo.


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