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for Westernella give me ideas for a title!

1/16/2005 c2 Raindr0ps
I like it so far and it's well written. It's neat to have a modern Cinderella in the heart of Montana.
11/30/2004 c2 6QueenSavvy
I love cinderella stories! This one sounds like a good one. You could call it "Diamond in the rough" Or Cinderella not to be. Or maybe Ellenerella. (That sounds a little wierd, sorry. Just a suggestion.) Why don't you try Ellen v.s. Danielle (thats dumb, sorry) Let's see, maybe Girl of cinders, or something along thos lines. Well I stink at titles. I tried. Please countinue this story it sounds great so far!
11/22/2004 c1 130a duel of pens 111
ha! i see it. so far, very good. but, i dont like that last few senteces. like"the ;and prospered" i dont know, it doesnt fit the mood of the story. It sounds like your jus saying it to say it. there isnt the same feeling behind it. and Danielle came, is kind of an empty sentence. enough criticism? i lvoed the feel at the beginning. it was an awesoem vibe and really gave an interesting feel to the whole beginning. overall, very good!

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