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3/20/2012 c1 76The Autumn Queen
I'd say the Great Depression, so I guess about 1930. For some reason it reminds me of Of Mice and Men. The grey imagery, the dreams being sucked in, colour turning into grey...and poor ol' Lennie with his rabbits. On that note, it also reminds me of a combination of The Great Gatsby and 1984.

I think I'm going to go to sleep thinking about this one.
8/27/2009 c1 2LadyMissK
I think you shouldn't set a time period, it feels like a timeless piece, of curse if is left how it is at the moment, if you write more, digging deeper in to the tale, then maybe you should set a time period, but that's up to you. An other thing is I did not like very much the ending, I was left wanting more, to me it did not feel like an ending, like it was left in an "..." feel, loved the massage not to crazy about the ending.
12/2/2004 c1 12torn-and-frayed

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