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1/26/2016 c19 sonder this
Allison's sense of humor (or shall I say yours) was such a riot to read. I really adore her character. Brandon and Lucy, too - especially during the I Never game. I was looking forward to hearing Brandon's side of the story but now I don't know if we'll ever find out... As for Michael, I can see why any person would like Allison but Michael seems to really, /really/ like her and yet they haven't known each other that long, no? So while I don't think it's farfetched that he's attracted to her, the way that he just kisses her anywhere and everywhere just kind of seems out of line with his subdued character.

Another aspect that still puzzles me though is why Allison was so upset that Michael hadn't been angry at his ex-wife's betrayal. He told her that no love was lost in their relationship since their hearts weren't in it to begin with so it makes sense that there would be no feeling of heartache there - why then did Allison flip at that? (Although yes, I am aware that he was under-exaggerating his feelings in the later revelation.)
9/14/2012 c19 Make Your Mark
Update soon? Maybe...? Hopefully? :D
8/18/2010 c19 2HelgaBertoni
Love the story so far, hope to see an update soon!
8/17/2010 c19 M.S.S92
This is a great story :D I read it all in one go.. but come on u got to update og release the last chapter...
6/27/2010 c13 2CrossMyHeart
"Luckily enough, though, Michael is not at Lily's so there is one battle that does not have to take place."

... I thought his name was Anthony?
6/6/2010 c19 Alice Novak
Oh gee.. What'll happen next!

This whole political yet personal affair between the characters are quite..

How do I out it? ... Interesting?

Mm... Yes, very interesting.

I look forward to future chappies!

Update soon!

Deli .x
4/1/2010 c19 3CAMELEON
Congratulations, I stayed up until five in the morning reading your story. I'm hopping to God I don't have class today. I like the style you write in and there are little details, things I would never do that way that 'open me up'. Because of those two things you get a space in my favs. Just be careful Michael doesn't get too controlling/possessive or I'll start to hate him.

Lol, I can just see Brandon seducing Lucy.
12/30/2009 c19 1TumbleWeed23
your really need to update...as quickly as you can! please? :-D I don't know why but I've picturing Michael to look like Patrick Dempsey..hehe...
11/18/2009 c19 1Jinxed Rogue
Okay, your narrator sounds so eerily like me that it's slightly terrifying. No, it's frightfully terrifying.

I hope you eventually finish this story. It feels like it would be a few more chapters to the end.
10/23/2009 c19 1SpanishHazel14
i really like this story so plz keep writing it
10/3/2009 c19 momo3069
I would have loved an ending
9/27/2009 c19 Dead Deactivated
:D Sneaky! Micheal is such a possesive man! =D I like his charecter! Write a couple more chappies please!
9/7/2009 c19 three
Great story. Would love to read the ending, but know it has been a long time.
7/20/2009 c19 xsweetxtartx
dang..you havn't updated in 2 years..however i shall keep faith and hope that you will update sometime soon ;]
6/28/2009 c11 DawnAwakens
im liking the story so far!
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