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6/5/2006 c1 24IwasSmitten
I don't exactly agree with all of it, but it flows very nicely. Thanks for the review!
11/5/2005 c1 4gn0sis
Wow. Something I can almost agree with :D

I do agree with a previous reviewer that your ability to pull together philosophy, poetry, and common slang is nothing short of stunning. It was definitely an interesting read, although I must wonder, you are a white nationalist?

I am ;)
8/15/2005 c1 4Alaskan-Lone-Wolf
Too true.
5/19/2005 c1 57logical-unreason
Stunning, you meld casual language, philosophy and poetry flawlessly to create a logical case that anyone could understand.

We're all fucked.

I'll be waiting for the end at a cross roads with a friend/ Who'll cry a laugh and sing a choke/ Hanging on a tree the mind will disapear into smoke.
3/11/2005 c1 3Felix Retif
I certainly don't share your pessimistic views on the world - especially the line: "Seen one, seen them all." I certainly haven't given up on the prospects for things getting genuinely better than they are (indeed I think you'll find things genuinely are better in many parts of the world than they were 100, 200 or 300 years ago). That said, I do agree that the world is, for the most part, as you so delicately put it "fucked". I really think, though, that you would benefit a great deal from changing your life's motto to something less pessimistic than "No Trust" - although I s'pose it could be worse, could have been, "We're all fucked". Anyway - again, I hate to admit it, but you are a half decent poet. Meritocratic ideals dictate that I give credit where credit is due.
2/20/2005 c1 No Trust
I've come to the comclusion that my poetry sucks. I'll take it down shortly. After my lobotomy and sex change. White power!
12/4/2004 c1 9Cthulhu
I was just reading C Shot's story "The Flame of MrFlames" and I came across your reveiw.

"Ad hom is short for ad homo, which is when you put an ad in the paper asking for homosexual favors. Mr. Flames clearly thinks your writing is gay."

This is (in all seriousness) one of the most hilarious things that I have ever read on fictionpress and I would like to personally thank you for it.
11/25/2004 c1 15No Trust
You're correct; it's Kane.
11/25/2004 c1 57tofujunky
You were born to be worshipped. Too bad I am my own god because I'll totally be idolizing you.

"Fat fucks sue McDonald’s"

Hehehe . . . way funny.

About the quotes on your profile, are you sure it's Steven Krane and not Steven Kane? Sorry, had to ask.

See you on the other side.


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