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11/27/2004 c3 9Gurt Rude Malanos
Old malanos sistas here! This is kinda weird, but still funny...theres not that many funny parts though...try 2 make the acts a little longer. That would make it better...good effort..update soon. Please read our story 2! thanks!
11/27/2004 c3 5jointedlegs
er...o.O *coughs* weird...haha didn't know what soliloquy was till i checked the dict. Yeah then i got the joke.

Well the attempt is there...but not so much of a humour. I found it kinda forced in the prelude but haha act II was funnier. yep. Interesting piece...! I liked the "Britt2 (looks up) i can't read upside down" part. Got a laugh outta that.nice effort! :)

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