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for Romance is dead

12/24/2004 c1 6cheerupnemokid
I really like this one. = ]you write well ... it brings pictures in my head. It nice. Keep writing!

Please R&R my poems too please.
12/13/2004 c1 49SleepDontWeep
that is eerie! creepy but i can see everything happening right before my eyes!well done! u seriously r amazing!YEY! U like donnie darko!"!and buffy! and angel! YEY!anyways well done! write more poetry please!love and admiration Gretchen45 xxplease o please review my story: truly madly deeply.it'd mean alot!im so addin this to my faves!
12/1/2004 c1 3Ruby-servantof-eli
That is so very beautifulVery angsty and filled with emotionGreat ending...Write more soonYour avid fan :P
11/30/2004 c1 32Angel-Angel
Love it, love it, love it, jut as much as the colour pink, lol

Chris i love this one, its one of my favs. Keep them rolling hun, your very very talented. I always enoy checking to see if you have any new stuff put up...

11/30/2004 c1 127godawful teen-angst poetry
Oh! This is...wow. Everything is perfect here I'm so excited that I clicked the link! Your flow is perfect, and the words almost seem as intertwined as the bodies and souls of which you write...I'd like it better without the bold, but that's so minor. Lovely lovely lovely, this is going on my faves list.

11/29/2004 c1 243Manuel Fajar
Yes, this is a Renga (more than one Haiku on a theme—sorry it had to be this one for you.) ¡No, I take that back, glad you got rid of the S.O.B.! m
11/28/2004 c1 16Amethyst Eyed Cynical One
That was good.I liked the ending especially.
11/28/2004 c1 612simpleplan13
i like it.. especially the ending

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