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for Four Score and Seven

11/11/2007 c1 613DiaRose
It's cute! I mean, your writing has such an air of a young girl's thoughts that it's so beautiful in that sense! It really reveals the center of what your brain was when you wrote them.


3/31/2005 c1 36Akhenaten
lol... wow... I liked it... only problem is it might be considered treason now... *you have defiled the holy adress! die!*
3/25/2005 c1 49ApplesCM
lol, that was great. :) Nice job.
12/3/2004 c1 Siren Xenophon
...Interesting. What possessed you to do this? Well, it's funny anyway. ^-^

11/30/2004 c1 Karen Ferris
This is too cool!

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