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for Juliet 2120

7/3/2005 c5 FunnyAngel
This is so original!
12/25/2004 c5 2MageDay
so different! :P Yet, very enjoyable still; Keep it up! I've updated "Cataclysm" fyi, talk laters!
12/14/2004 c1 12OneGirlRevolution311

Have you ever read the Claidi Journals (love those books)? I find these...Romeo/Juliet machines(?)...a lot like the clockworks in the Claidi Journals.

This is very different...but not bad, definently not bad.

12/6/2004 c4 2MageDay
"Romeo, the Back-Up Unit" You have quite an imagination! Please continue, its a strange story! Mind continuing with mine as well? :P
12/2/2004 c2 MageDay
This is...how should I say this...very different, that's for sure. Wasn't expecting this kind of story; it is really interesting. I liked it.

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