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for The Gates of Raidael

6/22/2005 c2 9The Ordained
Ah, great chapter. Im an actor myslef lol.Anyways, i like the character if Fliss alot, well done. I pictured him as younger before we discover the age, but other than that, you described him very very well. And Jash reminds me of a mob boss lol."he saw his opportunity to make society crumble between his fingers." Dont like the sound of that lol. Im getting into this lol. Well done, very well written.
6/22/2005 c1 The Ordained
Hey, i like this!The first line has great imagery, very nicely written. The character of Darvae is nicely developed, im still a little uncertain of the Kings character, but i think ill find more out in the next chap. Nicely written. ;)
11/30/2004 c1 slimkitty
I'm interested. You're a really talented writer. The descriptions are great. I'd like to see where this story goes.

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