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for Not Such a Superhero After All

11/10/2010 c3 8guppylove
That was hilarious. I wish all plays I go to have as engaging a narrator. Since I've never seen any combination of characters in one production, you've got a real refreshing and modern take on the who fairytale thing. Bravo!
5/30/2010 c3 4Lady Katreina
Oh my goodness.

Thank you!
9/22/2009 c1 17katietheunicorn
I decided to take on the more unconventional one! XD

I loved this becasue it was so unusual to see fairy tale people in average circumstances, the blurb alone made it sound awesome. It was indeed quite funny, every line seemed to be handpicked and worked over until they were just right.

I could also see it clearly in my head, or rather, the 'stage in my head' because you didn't forget to add the "little details" like emotion and setting. A suggestion: look at your grammar a bit more, it will make the whole peice flow much better.

All in all, very enjoyable and adorable! :D
8/29/2008 c2 1NarGalad
oh wow... this was hillarious and very creative... imaginative, that's the word I was looking for. please with a cherry on top continue! I want to read more!
11/15/2005 c1 9Cathy B
well okay I admit I did not read your fic! lol I am just leaving a review to say that I liked your profile and actually found it funny, the part where you talk about where you live! I live in Brazil, so I kinda face the same things sometimes! lolhmm that's it...bye!
1/22/2005 c1 Random
I had this idea last year.

Good script.

12/4/2004 c1 abigfan
its funny. i do wish you would update though.

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