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for Essence de la coeur

2/10/2005 c3 I-FCK-BERT
OMG! I feel soo bad for Jayne and her aunt. Jayne is definitely an interesting character, and I want to know more about her like what happened to her parents and what happened that made her so cold and hostile. The only advise I have is to try and add more detail. Other than that it was great! Update soon! Luvs~
1/22/2005 c2 bobness
great story! continue
1/22/2005 c2 I-FCK-BERT
Hey! Wow! This is really good so far! I am dying to know what happens. I feel bad for Darren. I wonder what happened 2 years ago. Hm...I suppose I'll find out soon enough. Update soon!

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