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for Highway to the Land of Nod

5/14/2005 c1 82Linnet
I thought it was going to be all sweet and dreamy, too...but I like this a lot, especially the lines:

"How the wind blows goodnight kisses

While the sea sings lullabies"

Very pretty. =) Going on my favorites!
4/25/2005 c1 34Skiv
*cackles evilly* I vant to put up a road block in the road by my Grandpa's house out in the country, and when people stop yell this at them in a deep, booming voice! Of course, I'll have to GET a deep, booming voice first... o_O

*puts this on the list of the things for de wall* *snickers*

1/25/2005 c1 21DreamForMoreTime
Thanks for your review of my poem. I always try to review back as is the polite thing to do. That said...I loved it. I can see how it ment to be happy but turned at the end. But a great work none the less (and maybe because). I'll read more of your work and probly like most of them. Again thanks for the review.
1/6/2005 c1 99keltica
i found this poem an excellent read ...

keltica, the celtic fire from within
1/4/2005 c1 8forgottenmoon831
*sigh* I'm speechless. All I need to say is that this one's going on my favorites.
12/22/2004 c1 2philoslove
It's beautifully dark and frightening. It has this threatening tone that grows heavier, it starts out, without much trace of the ominous mood, deceiving me. And the change of the persona's mood reflects his powerful authority, which is quite scary, as his treatment of the traveller grows increasingly hostile, though I liked it very much. The "For your road winds ever onward" actually reminded me of "The Road goes ever on...", the Bilbo one.
12/19/2004 c1 Remy The Blind Guardian
Wow, and interesting concept that turned into something completely different than I expected. That is not to say it is bad though. In fact, the twist at the end was quite good, because it creeps up on you unexpectedly. It starts out being happy like you say, but then turns into something more. Good Job.
12/4/2004 c1 53Lady Saleci Loramma
Very nice, very dark but light and airy all the same. The line using the word afar is a bit hard to read smoothly but the rest has such beautiful flow. Keep writing, I love reading. Thanks for those reviews, LSL
12/4/2004 c1 23WickedSilence
I loved it! It really made me feel as if there really was a god of Night, watching time go by... Well, it had a smooth flow and the last line ended with an appropriate finality. I really, really loved it!
12/4/2004 c1 36biblehermione
That was scary, but cool.
12/4/2004 c1 Robert Yelverton
Wow! Your good and sneaky. Was going to be an innocent dreamy poem. LOL! man did it get lost. I Like it!
12/4/2004 c1 An-Author-At-Heart
Whoa! It's impressive how you can transform looking at cars zoom by on the highway to a great poem like this! I like this one a lot, very imaginative and the writing is very poetic and lovely. The rhyming's great too (I'm not too great at rhyming so I think anyone who seems like they have a knack for it is a genius!). Imagery is wonderful, once again. The title's awesome too, "The Highway to the Land of Nod"... Bravo!

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