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for Wounded Soul

6/7/2006 c1 7xTheRedAngelx
This was so sad...I cried so hard. Thank you for writing this; it pertains to a lot of people in today's society.
4/2/2006 c1 Absynthe Greene
This is a very personal piece for me, and I want to thank you for having the courage to write something like this. I have one friend who transferred to my school from the south U.S., where a friend of hers shot two people before turning the gun on himself. I won't give names, to respect her; and her friend's memory. Her and I once sat together in her bedroom and talked about doing the same thing together, which would have ended with us shooting each other similtainously, so that no one could say we'd commited suicide.

Everyone thinks school is 'just a stage' we go through. But it can be so much more, so much a hell-on-earth.

Thank you for writing this.

3/4/2006 c1 Jauvas
not total bull this time im rather imprest so i will not flame you im being to nice to day
8/24/2005 c1 14aaidenkae
so sad. it hurts me to see when other people are hurt. i try to help. but sometimes I cant or dont. one person can make such a difference. why cant we reach out to others instead of hurting them? thank you. this was great.-aaidenkae
3/26/2005 c1 1soccerchic150gollyjee99apolla
that was really good, you did an excellent job at capturing how tormented he was. im suprised no one else has reviewed this yet

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