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for BB Mabayu Revised

6/17/2010 c5 MoManiac
i liked it up until the cliff hanger ending... gr. i think its a great story! but cliffhangers piss me of... im gonna go read somethin with an epilogue now!... toodloo
12/29/2008 c5 DLETE THIS OLD
great, quirky story =D
9/11/2008 c5 2AlijaS117
8/4/2006 c5 toxic-noodle725
wow that was a very unique story. i luved it. it was even better cuz it was short u didnt have to drag it along. great job!
12/20/2005 c5 3stanhops
Just wanted to let you know that I read this! Great job, it was beatiful and original.
9/18/2005 c5 Jin-ashi
Cool story! It reminds me of a manga, lol
4/27/2005 c5 10Finger Dingbat

say it again, wow

wow wow wow wow wow wow wow

next the question, HOW DO YOU DO THAT?

next, the answer, becuase your brillint.

serisoly, this is what its all about, fiction press, that is, amazing, inspiring, toatly outstanding storys that blow you away.

no underestamit.

keep it up!
2/27/2005 c1 Selwyn
*smiles* You are achieving every writers dream by getting this story published. I loved the first one and the revised edition is even better.

^.^ Congrats on getting published! And Nora was right, you really are very much like Lois.

Keep working on your stories! You inspire all the dreamers out there that want to get published to work harder at it. ...like me for example. ^.^;

Thanks for writing this story!
12/9/2004 c5 1Slightly Bent Halo
that ending is alot more suddent hen the old one isn't it? did u have to make it shorter for the publishing thing?aww, i didn't want it to end :(
12/9/2004 c4 Slightly Bent Halo
was the concert they were going to always misty spotts? coz i don't remember that.
12/9/2004 c3 Slightly Bent Halo
ah... did i mention that i love this story?
12/9/2004 c2 Slightly Bent Halo
after reading your bio, i can see the similarities between your friends and the characters.
12/9/2004 c1 Slightly Bent Halo
oh, i love this story! and i really like the changes too...luv renai x
12/7/2004 c5 S.T
Simply loved it! Great story, you did a great job! I'm supposed to be in bed sleeping, but I refused and secretly read your story 'till *checks time* 12:58 AM! But I'll say it again; great story, loved it! I'm going to bed now :P and I hope I'll be seeing more of your stories! Bye!
12/5/2004 c5 8AbusivePen
oh wow this is story is really good, it most of tooken u a great deal of time to think of this story and its concept... i love it... anywho i think i might have BB Mabayu, its a basically a book of poems, feelings, and stories that i've written...
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