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for Confusion

3/23/2006 c1 Agathy
I can't really relate to this because I'm mostly attracted to oddly handsome nerds, but the voice feels very real. The emotions sound very real. Even if you say this isn't your normal style, I like it anyway. It's especially cool because the short lines ("I think, I misunderstand") form a little secondary train of thought on their own.
1/21/2005 c1 silvertung-ryu
ever so true.
1/3/2005 c1 39Leche
this is very cute.

Very well written and is pleasing to the eye. It's like it has this tempo..

it's very easy to relate to and imagine as well. Yes, this one is a best-seller.

I love it.
12/7/2004 c1 26K. Coulson
Sandie. I love you. Seriously. Your stuff is so awesome. Gr. *jealous* XD
12/5/2004 c1 132Sarah Parker
aw, Sandiee... I already told you I liked this, but I'll tell you again! :D :D I think it works out very well... the whole train of thought thing adds to the "confusion" theme...and it's cool. certainly know how THAT feels, blah.. stupid boys!

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