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for Dragon Eyes

12/31/2004 c6 2UMIFIREFLY15
OMG! this is so CUTE! I like the plot line so far. Analise is awesome! I love it so far! You have got to write more as soon as you can! Great job!
12/26/2004 c6 4Cowgurl4God
Awesome as always. And funny, man this boy keeps digging himself a bigger hole doesn't he!(Doubled over laughing) I love books where the boy is digging himself a larger hole!
12/11/2004 c5 Cowgurl4God
Interesting! I'm enjoying it keep updating it.
12/10/2004 c5 Arcadia Lynch
O You need to get more up here, this is amazing writing I love your decriptions. It's really great.
12/7/2004 c3 Arcadia Lynch
Wow, Hun I really Am loving this story post more *pouts* I Can't wait...
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