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for In The Carpet

8/25/2005 c1 22SJMD
a great poem...very captivating...everyone has a past...sometimes it hurts...even years after the tragedy.-SJ
2/2/2005 c1 laerai
i love this imagry, this symbolism. its so real, and so true.
1/18/2005 c1 ruana
oh wowi love it, especially the whole negative verses positive type feel, the bad beneath the beautyit's fantastic, so dark and ambiguous and mysterious... oh yum... xx
12/15/2004 c1 16Amethyst Eyed Cynical One
brilliant imagery.using the carpet...wot an original idea.i absolutely loved it.write more!
12/10/2004 c1 SpanishDreams
*coughs* Ahem! Of course "superficial shell" refers to physical form. And yes, I think I am guilty of objectivism with the next line. I showed you this poem before... didn't I explain it before, baby?
12/10/2004 c1 17end.or.fin
"Longing for the superficial shell?" Is that refering to physical appearance? "To be as beautiful as the mind beneath" Is that objectivism i hear? To be as beautiful as an unattainable perfect or ideal form in someones head. "For the carcass to reflect the muse within?" O, does that refer to the figure or form stimulating the muse of an artist? One will never know, unless... you tell me of course.
12/8/2004 c1 UnsungbutWritten
Beautiful poem, very well written. I think I liked it most because of the theme you used-carpet? Original, and satisfying. My favorite lines are the last two: "To be as beautiful as the mind beneath. / For the carcass to reflect the muse within."
12/8/2004 c1 30Ruana
ooh wow, that's very cool and very lush. i LOVE the imagery. wowness. keep writing. xx

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