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1/7/2005 c1 8Rosemary Greene
...Good with the suspense...though the ending was completly random. Did John in some other time come in contact with an albino woman? Very confused on the whole matter, though I like how you kept adding up.

btw:"Go inside the depths of your mind, and you find things people only see in thier nightmares. Use them to your ability, and you can possibly conquer your fears."

~Raven Demon
12/10/2004 c1 1JD Kennedy
Yeah, really cool. It's good how you've played on such a simple fear and have made it actually scary to read, something that a lot of writers try to do but fail. I like this description:'The faces of a thousand unburied grazed the very fabric of his mind. He saw the lifeless limbs, the dead, dark, cracked hair crawling beneath dressers and tables,'

Very gothic indeed. And that final glimpse of an albino woman at the end was great imagery. I suppose you'll be writing more? If not, it's great as a short story anyway.~ JD

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