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for Skeletal Sights

5/14/2005 c1 82Linnet
I am really glad I didn't read this last night because I was freaked out by a CSI episode I watched, and this wouldn't have helped any. =) It also didn't help that I tried reading fanfiction to get my mind off of it, and every one that I clicked on was depressing.

That said, this is lovely. I like the imagery...you really do well fitting some great imagery into your short poems. Good job!

4/25/2005 c1 73foreverXfall
I generally don't like haiku, but this is beautiful. I love it!
1/10/2005 c1 99keltica
an excellent way of presenting this frightening imagery ... I enjoyed it !

keltica, the celtic fire from within
1/4/2005 c1 8forgottenmoon831
Oh, nice and haunting! I like it!
12/8/2004 c1 81Ultimate Schuyler
Oh neat! A tanga! I haven't read one of these in awhile. Anyway, this was a really cool one! I loved the dusty imagery I got from it.

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