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7/30/2006 c1 11mycherrywolf
Positively bone-chilling. :D Great work. I like the cuts and the wording. Very well done.

Could you please send me an e-mail at ? I have a proposition for you that I'd hope you'd find interesting.

And if you wanna, review my stories too pleae hahaha.
9/11/2005 c1 10TrunkZy
Hey, nice to see you're back! Um about the poem. I liked it, you managed to make it all fit in, but perhaps you tried a bit to much. Clichés aren't good, and this was a bit to much like it. Not all cutters are void of friends that don't care, abusing parents, not enough money ect. But it was nicely set up, and on another note: Poems don't need to rhyme;) most of mine don't =PJa Ne TrunkZy the Mighty
7/29/2005 c1 marei
wow thats so cool

hahahaha that ultimate scylyer is a weird person lol
12/23/2004 c1 3jadexoracle
"So called ‘best friend’ never seems to care about you…"

...blehwoa...this is a lil...eh

12/13/2004 c1 6katiebuggie
Scary, sad, but beautiful Awesome
12/12/2004 c1 127Eirien
Powerful, very sad and depressing, very moving. You manage to express the motives that lead to the speaker's hopelessness very convincingly. I could see the person and the actions vivdly in front of my eyes. A gripping poem.
12/11/2004 c1 90poetic abortion
The pain the hurt inside a person can cause a person to rot within. To want to except death.
12/10/2004 c1 81Ultimate Schuyler
o-o Holy cow. This would've been really good as a short story, but NOT as a poem. It... doesn't rhyme, it has no rhyme scheme, and the worst part is that it is entirely prose. Now, prose is good and all, but prose is best left in a story, not a poem. o-o By the way, I LOVED the end, and my favorite too lines in this were:

Just me.

…and the knife.
12/10/2004 c1 243Manuel Fajar
Inside pain—exterior pain. Such emotional pain is way beyond the physical pain I've ever withstood. Sorry there are so many jerks in the world. Don't give up—you are as worthy as you make yourself. Good luck. m
12/10/2004 c1 612simpleplan13
…after he finds out that your not as rich as he thought... you're

Wow.. very powerful poem... very cool format and taht end is so poerful and sad.. as an excutter I can semirelate.. very sad but awesome poem
12/9/2004 c1 81Princess-anna57
Wow! So depressing! I don't think i've read a poem as depressing as this one! It's great anyhow. Keep writing, oh, and thank you for your review!-Anna :)

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