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12/29/2004 c1 00Anonymous00
Wicked Tongue: Well, dahling, I’m back. And you’re still one of the doctors I would love to examine! As for satisfying me, you kind of left me wanting more…of them pastries! ^^ Yum! And now I see, your wickedness has not improved still. But then again, no one can match me.

LiquidHeat: (To WT, “For cryin’ out loud, woman! Have you no decency? No morals? No soul? For God’s sake, put some clothes on!”)Do excuse her; she’s just excited that we’re all back. Now, this just made up my day! Your sense of humor combined with your knack for speaking the Crazy-language makes you a worthy stalkee for a stalker like me….

Wicked Tongue: (To LH, “You don’t make sense at all, do you?”)

LiquidHeat: (To WT, “Shut up!”)

The most notorious stalker of FP,The most perverted untouched virgin,-Wicked Tongue (aka-LiquidHeat)
12/11/2004 c1 14Alatariel313
Ok um wow... QUESRTIONS!1.Why are elves pansies?

2. where you really bitten by a werewolf?

3. it that why you are Dr.Beowulf?

4.where can i get some zombie repellent?

5. you told me that you love me but we diden't die or have sex

6.if your technically not a doctor, but your patients don't know that how do you pull it off?

7. and as far as i know, Dr. Beowulf ISyour real but is it really?

8. am i annoying?
12/11/2004 c1 9Dr. Beowulf
By the way, I really don't care about this, so if you need to get any tension out, flame the living hell out of it. I just got bored in English class.

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