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6/10/2006 c4 anime freakizoid
hey whaz up? i just had to read this story again and i love more every time! but hey, i just want to let you know that the new Dark Blind Ice chapter and Lament of Darkness is finally up in case you were waiting! I can't wait for the new chapter, it'll be awesome no matter what! cya later, hope you're having a great summer so far!-anime freakizoid X^_^X
3/16/2006 c1 3Charon-dragon

very good.

I want her to get into Yuhara so bad.

PS I'm back with new updates and stories.
7/27/2005 c4 aaaa
what an evil sister! id be so pissed if i had a sis like that! sO eViL! rikyu seems like he cares about her.. or issit just some evil cover up? oH i cant wait till you update! please update soon and keep up the gOod work~
3/19/2005 c4 4DevonnyAuriel
Oh man! Chiaki is such a bitch, I just want to strangle her...But then again...I like Rikyu and Minami, and without Chiaki interfering-voila! They're (slightly) together. But I wonder what Chiaki said about her...
3/11/2005 c4 BatteredSoul
that was awesome hope u update soon! ^^
3/10/2005 c4 Anime Freakizoid
I HATE CHIAKI! i hope she seriously gets it soon, and i wonder what she told naoki.I updated Dark Blind Ice, so I hope you like it! see ya, good luck w/ updating!-anime freakizoid X^_^X
3/9/2005 c4 1Maggy d
Okay, just to let you know, I'm reading this as I'm reviewing! So don't get confused, k? ^.~*

Wow, this one is so much longer than your other chapters! O.O

I thought that Ayano was being a bit judgemental, which you haven't indicated as one of her personality traits (she thinks that Naoki is supposed to be rich). Naoki was a little bit judgemental as well... I suppose, because he couldn't believe the two girls to be sisters. The way you portrayed him before he wasn't anything like that.

Does Rikyu ~seriously~ like Ayano? For being 'perverted', he seems much nicer than at first! Aww! he's so nice! He caught Ayano before she fell! (Is her name Minami, or Ayano? ~.~;; I tend to write japanese characters names how it is traditionally done: last name, first name. Is that how you did it?)

So A/M is 15? Cool! So'm I! Is Rikyu 16, too? Oh, and it's a bit surprising that Rikyu would call Naoki names if they are friends, right? Or are they not? I can't tell yet.

O.O He kissed her... he kissed her... he kissed her! OMG! what was he talking about, "Apology accepted?"

I'm now officially starting the Rikyu Club! He seems so sweet and I hope you keep him like that! (I knew a kid who was so sweet and sincere like that once! T.T now he goes to another high school!)

Chiaki is... EVIL! Stupid witch! Poor Naoki is believing her! GR! What a lie spinner!

Anyway, can't wait til the next one! ^.^
3/9/2005 c3 Maggy d
Okay, now I'm seriously hoping that this Rikyu person isn't leading Ayano on. Um..

I think that it was a little bit unexpected when you just suddenly put Rikyu on Ayano and wanted him to do her. It was disturbing, that's for sure, since Rikyu and Ayano just barely met.

The timing was a little bit rushed, maybe you could slow it down a bit.

Anyway, that's all I feel I need to comment on!

On to the next!
3/8/2005 c2 Maggy d
Wow, just wonderful. This Rikyu dude wasn't leading Ayano on, was he? I hate it when guys do that, it's disgusting... Anyway, I have to commend you once again on a job well done.

The discriptions were a little bit skimpy (I like seeing what's going on) but hey, I'm working on developing my descriptions too. Don't worry! Hah!

It was very unexpected when you made Naoki a year above Ayano, but that adds a twist to the story! Yays to twists!

Oh, and... what year would Chiaki be in? Is she older than Ayano?

Anyway, I'll go now!


Maggy d.
3/8/2005 c1 Maggy d
Yays! That was cute! Haha! Now that I've gotten that out of the way, let me comment on your first chapter...

I liked how you made Ayano an average, everyday girl. There are too many stories out there where the girl characters are skinny little sticks with the perfect figures, etc. I also like how she's believable... I suppose I'm not exactly used to the constant cussing, but that's probably just part of Ayano's personality, ne? ^.~*

Chiaki seems a bit too much of a brat. I also wondered how it is that Chiaki can get away with having a boyfriend, but Ayano says nothing... when she seems like she totally hates her sister.

Did Ayano and Chiaki's father do something to their mother, or something? Or is it that she's just very overprotective? You probably need to expound a bit on that aspect, but... maybe you did in your other chappies (I don't know cuz I haven't read them yet ^.^;;)

I love Naoki! He seems so cute! How old are these characters supposed to be, though? If they're in their older teens, I don't think 'kawaii' would be the term to pin on him. Kawaii makes him seem like a little kid with large, innocent eyes running around sucking his thumb. Bishounen would be the appropriate term wouldn't it?

Being a dog lover, myself, I think that that scene with the dog was a little bit harsh, and I wish you hadn't made Naoki hit him in the face with the ball, but I suppose that that's just my animal lover mentality kicking in ~_~;;.

Anyway, I only have a few mins, so I'll wrap this up.

I'm gonna have to read the rest of this again later!

Keep up the good job!

Maggy d.
3/7/2005 c4 2Lord Splattergore
LoL, this is one of the funniest stories I've read in a long time. Keep it up.
3/7/2005 c4 14Kitty-brdg
AH! What's the other half! What's the hidden secret. I hate clifhangers!
3/7/2005 c4 claw merryweather
Chiaki is evil. I hate evil epople! =x
3/6/2005 c4 Saiyan Tear
I get the first review of chapter 4! YAY me! ^_^

But anyways, I think that it was a good chapter and I can't wait to see what Naoki decides to do and what Chiaki said to him! ^_^
1/13/2005 c3 6xraspberrykissesx
hehe!It's so funny! Love it!
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