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for Endless Nightmare

2/3/2007 c1 174a silenced revolution
very powerful. you write very well.
6/26/2005 c1 21Choke on this
great vocabulary and good approach - the rhythim of it is soso. btw, thanks so much for pointing out the mistakes in my story. really appreciate an ACTUAL critique.
3/29/2005 c1 26Kris 56
Wow...this is powerful. Nice work with it!
2/6/2005 c1 breezy nostrils
I liked the idea, but some parts of it was off, rhythmn-wise, but your rhythmn was fairly consistent for the most part, like all work, just needs a little work! Keep on going!
2/4/2005 c1 9Michael Gerard
Cool! Short but sweet. Good rhythm. Just one thing, you mispelled malevolence but apart from that it's great!
1/21/2005 c1 4Dream-Catcher-Dragon
it's soo good! i really like it a lot! very good! (meh...i suck at reviews too. ^_^'')
1/17/2005 c1 10artgirl101
that sounds a bit like my story dreams. sometimes i feel like that. like i'm just stuck. feeling like a nightmare that will never end. but eventually it passes by. great poem
1/3/2005 c1 270queenvixta
I like this a lot. I can really relate to this. Really like the ending.
1/1/2005 c1 119AntiPleasure
12/29/2004 c1 27Krys
It so true, isn't it? The world we live in today can be such a cruel, hateful place. It is like a nightmare. Nice piece here. I'm not a big poetry fan under most circumstances, but I did enjoy this piece. Nice vocabulary and you surely instilled the sence of hopelessness and solitude that I think you were going for. Good job!~Krys
12/22/2004 c1 David Stephen
This poem is really fabulous. You use many different ways of expressing it, and it seems just surreal. I really love it. Well done! And keep up this hard work! ~David Stephen~
12/17/2004 c1 16Noir Fleurir
i think its pretty good writing. It's not awesome or anything but it is really nice vocabulary use and it is indeed good writing
12/13/2004 c1 14Derrick Edgar James
I really liked this peom. I often find myself lost in memories and horrific flights of fancy, I draw my best ideas there. Please continue to write.
12/12/2004 c1 The Reviewer
I like it, it sounds like you have some regrets about something and then tried to hide those regrets behind the accurate picture of the horrid world we live in, either way I like it the writing is very well done and though it's a poem it has an excellent plot. - The Reviewer -

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