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for Cut and Dry

12/15/2004 c1 99Little Miss Shadow
Absoloutly stunning, you have no idea. In that past, I have worked so hard to reach what you have just accomplished here. You have followed the patterns of thought through in a way that can be easily understood, to the poetic and sympathetic mind. "We are happy here, she and I." Beautiful. I love how you used that as the ending sentance. The beginning of each paragraph began with a punching sentance that pulled you into it over and over again. Sentances that truly meant something, not just words that seemed right to use at the time, but words that were spilling like a waterfal from the soul. Most would read this and judge it as a not so great piece of work with it's combinations of choppy phrases and run-on sentances. But it's perfect in every aspect. The style portrays something that most of us strive our whole lives to express, but never seem to quite get there. Beautiful work. :)
12/13/2004 c1 73Bitch Du Jour
Simply put - brilliant. Nothing short of a retrospective masterpiece in itself. While I was reading this piece, I could feel it cut into my soul and I could feel the blood drip until it dried. Just the title was enough to make myself cut and dry. It's a very, very well-written piece. Ahead of it's time.

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