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11/24/2012 c29 Guest
This is a totally great story! Why don't you get it published?
There are some miss spelling left, for example conscious instead of consciousness in several places.
Rikard of Sweden
6/9/2008 c17 4musha
That was incredibly awesome; the Avin possession part. This story is very professional and I look forward to seeing it in animation if you choose to do so. Your art is fantastic by the way.

When I first started this book, I got so lost with the constant introductions of characters and places, but just because of your writing style I held through it and I am so glad I did. I still don't have everything down yet, but it's not like you have as many characters as, say, Robert Jordan (who introduces a bit slower than you I think) or Tolkien (who names people even though you only see them for a sentence or two). I'll have you know I am not studying for the ACS exam because of you! (That's the college organic chemistry standardized exam, which covers a year of learning, and is thus a major compliment.)
12/26/2006 c29 6Crewger
Fire dancer. Dude, you have the best plot ever! It's just like the humungus 10 page book (I forgot the title) that I had the courage to read (it's pretty good after the second chapter, too many characters). It needs revision and stretched out longer but no worries! Your awesome!
7/29/2005 c29 2Washer
It's summer vacation now, and that means I have too much time on my hands. I've been reading novels voraciously, and going through fictionpress as well for novel length works. I checked yours out and was much impressed. It's well written, it has good characters, gripping storyline, the works. My one complaint is that in the fashion of epic fantasy, it has the kind of story arc Robert Jordan does a spit-take upon hearing. I'm going to have to be a fan for quite some time to see this project done. Oh, and what's up with those names? Those are stupid. I'm not even going to read it.
7/8/2005 c29 Danica
This was absolutely awesome. I look forward to the finished sequel.
7/5/2005 c1 9The Ordained
well, i know your finished the story and all lol...i came by it when i read the note for new readers on your other novel...

But, meh lol, i had to say that its gold anyway. I really liked the first chapter...war soon lol. YAY i like war.

Anyways, great job on the beggining of your first novel ;)
6/17/2005 c29 4mad-man2
and you didnt proff these? could have fooled me.

i would voit for fire dancer but i havent read your blues ones yet.

ill let you now in a reveiw of those.

later the MAD-MAN
6/14/2005 c29 FiLLiPA
I'd have to say Fire Dancer but thats only because I haven't yet read the Blue Story
6/12/2005 c29 jon-1308
I've read this all the way through. I love the way you update very regularly - I find it provides better continuity than if you just update once a month.

And, above all, I would like to see the story finished. So, do the Fire Dancer sequel next, rather than the new Blue story. Please ;)
6/10/2005 c29 wraith
Fire Dancer
6/10/2005 c29 kaia
an amazing story, you really know how to bring the characters to life, the plot is always throwing something new at you but it doesnt get old, it flows and captures the readers interest.

i love the stoey and cant wait to see where u take it. id like for fire dancer, but do what you feel!.
6/10/2005 c29 7You Need More Flair
Dammit! Don't make me choose between Blue and Vorchay! I'd DIE! I have emotional investment in both of them...

*Sigh* I have to leave for school, so I'm gonna give a better review when I get back.
6/7/2005 c27 FiLLiPA
Thanks for updating so fast! so please continue at the same rate! the story getting even more interesting (not that it wasn't greatly interesting before...^_^) Anyways...Great work!
6/5/2005 c26 Ankle
Okay... so i want you to work with me here.. see in my mind I know that Vorchay is a Snow Speaker and all but snow is really just another form of water so why doesnt she have an affinity to the other forms of water? Just curious... Love it though. Vorchays my hero hehe
6/5/2005 c26 4SomniaRie
It's nice to see this side of Etrayos - something a little different.

Finally everything is falling into place! Schiard is Vesmos' daughter, eh? This should be interesting.

I like it when Vorchay and Raedoch interact - they're such an unlikely pair.
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