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for La Seconda Guerra Mondiale

10/17/2007 c7 MeiLeeCalifornia
Oh, that TOTALLY complicates things, lol... Write more soon! :D
10/17/2007 c6 MeiLeeCalifornia
Yikes, now that's a dream to stir things up! Aw, poor mama...well, and Marie too of course :(
10/17/2007 c5 MeiLeeCalifornia
His mama sounds like one of the wonderful italian mama's that always so nice to meet. Oh dear, craving italian food now, lol... 0o.
8/31/2007 c4 MeiLeeCalifornia
Ow ow ow ow...[shudders] Would not like that... Very descriptive, yikes..
8/31/2007 c3 MeiLeeCalifornia
You know it has to happen, but I always feel frustrated for them when they don't make their first escape attempt, lol.. Off to the next chappie! :D
8/23/2007 c2 MeiLeeCalifornia
Lol, that was funny, "I can't believe I'm giving love advice to an Italian"... :D
8/23/2007 c1 MeiLeeCalifornia
Very momentus beginning! Well-detailed. Only one teeny thing, I found it a little funny that the italian captain said, "oh dear," :)
5/16/2007 c7 19Le Cosmonaute
Noo! A fiance! Sorry, but I'm intent on seeing Marie and Lucio wind up together. What a great story! I do hope you update soon!
2/9/2007 c7 9Velasco
I like this story, the concept and everything. But I would suggest that if you intend to insert Italian or French phrases that you make sure that they are correct. The italian isn't that solid, it isn't horrible but needs to be tweaked a bit. Back in chapter 5 for instance where Lucio and his mother speak it should really be said as follows.

"Madre, come stai?"

"Ora che sei qui Lucio, bene."

To say "come sta?" You're saying how is she/he? And to respond to that by saying "Ora che siete qui.." You're saying now that y'all are here... The Italian phrases need some improvement. Don't rely on online translators to do the work for you, because they don't do that great of a job.
8/28/2006 c7 Alice
Wow.. I am on the edge of crying, very good stuff if I may say so! And I know Nice is a real place cos my ant and cousins live in Nice, Antibes or the other way around i don't know. But anyho I just watched a program on tele about the Douglas B fighter person with one leg in the battle of britain in 1941 and i really enjoyed this story and i've been playing call of duty and can slowly feel myself turning into a war-nerd not that this has anything to do with this story and i'm just blathering on but really enjoyable to read and i really want to read more i like practically everything you've written and think it's powerful moving stuff!
6/24/2006 c7 4SloanePeterson
Wow, that's definately a cliffie. Why haven't you updated in so long. That's stinky. have you stopped writing it?
8/19/2005 c7 15SCAREDYcatSCRIBBLER
Hey gr8 even though in some chapters certain parts were a bit... random! Brilliant change in the plot! Can't wait for you to write the next chapter! P.S. just check over your work once you write it, k! but if it was a book or a movi i'd get it out!
7/8/2005 c7 nedi
her fiance? such a coincidence that she met him. but i love coincidences, lol. they're fun.
7/5/2005 c7 Rachel Knight
AH! Can't take it! I think my heart just broke in to two. infact i think it just stop beating. ha ha. update soon!
6/8/2005 c6 nedi
lucio didn't really answer marie's question, did he. he only explained why he brought her to his house, not why he didn't kill her. natasa's a fun character. lol... i don't know why.

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