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3/28/2017 c3 Guest
i actually had a boss like the maid manager
she would always berate me. i could literally do everything she wanted me to but there was still stuff to complain about... she even complained about me not calling her when she ordered something too many -_-
3/28/2017 c1 Guest
very very interesting !
3/29/2007 c2 5Skeptic-Critic
Are you ever going to return to us? Is this the end of Trust Me? Please tell me you haven't abandoned this story...Because we haven't abandoned you...We're still here...And we'll still be here when you get around to updating again...
10/1/2006 c1 SkepticCritic
Hey there! Remember me? It's been awhile so I'm not sure you do...Anyway, just wanted to let you know that (last) Sunday marks the official one year point since your last updated...Wanted to make sure you knew that there are people still wiating for an update and that we haven't abandoned this story...It's too good to let go...
6/16/2006 c14 pixaroo
3/16/2006 c12 lonelywriter09
Are you ever going to update? I love this story and I wish you would continue. Even if you're not, will you please post saying so? I think you should continue though.
2/6/2006 c14 2StrawberryStarburst
It's new year, time for an UPDATE. Just Kidding. No seriously, get a move on! Sorry. I'm just really getting into the story and then you leave me in the dark. Sorry again. just..don't keep me waiting too long. :)
1/23/2006 c14 1Calligra Lurea dre' Alleck
Please, please, please update this story! I love it and I really want to read more of it, in fast I want to die from sheer boredom. Please?
1/3/2006 c1 5Skeptic-Critic
Hey there...Just wanted to start off the new year by letting you know that I haven't forgotten about you and that I'm still waiting for that update. I will not abandon this story 'til you say you're through (though I hope that won’t be ‘til you’re finished) . Hope you get the inspiration to update soon.

'Til then...
12/9/2005 c14 1photogirl16
hun, you need to update soon. I read this chapter a long time ago and never reviewed thinking that you were going to update soon cause you were determind to finish this story. Well, anyways, it was a good chapter. Update soon!
10/29/2005 c1 Wannabe-Novelist
Okay, I read this all in one sitting- and while I tend to do this, I don't do with anything I don't like. And I really do like this. The sinister, convoluted plot that they're trying to figure out- that's good. Especially since there's that lack of trust. The characters, all with their own quirks, they're good, too. Alyx's paranoia, Catherine unable to talk to anyone but the cat but desperately wanting to. Kayla's incompetence at the finer points of being an assassin- such as having a story prepared beforehand.

However, Kayla's ingratiation with Castel seems...I don't know. Rushed. She comes to kill him and he gives her a job? It's baffling, but I could accept it if a decent explanation was put forth. The problem was, there wasn't one. If it were me, I would just take out the bit about trying to kill him. Well, she can go there to try or to scout it out, but don't let him know. Otherwise, it throws things. After she saves his life, then it works, but before...? And wouldn't he be suspicious of someone who had tried to kill him saving his life? I know he's kindly, but that's pushing it.

I believe that's the only problem I had with the story, and with a little maneuvering and some creativeness, it could be easily remedied. Aside from some mistakes in the text and other mechanical whatnot...Otherwise, good job.
9/26/2005 c14 lonelywriter09
Ok I almost never review on most stories I read. I tend to make exceptions for this story just because it's great... and I want to review so that maybe it will encourage you to update faster. Please. Soon. I want to know what happens next!
9/24/2005 c14 1Klianie Janiko
Is Catherine under a spell? She acknowledges it. Or did you asked a psychologist about this? hehe. Thank you, I'm glad you found it funny, but the big exams are coming up, I'll write after the exam. What's Kayla's dream of? when are the secrets gonna be revealled? Argh! You got me suspended in mid air girl!
9/24/2005 c14 23Teah Marie
This is awesome! :)! You have to finish! And I am aware of my odd overuse oa exclamation points!
9/24/2005 c14 SkepticCritic
i'm quite good at guessing these things yes. unfortunatly i have no idea why jay is courting catherine other than to beat out calvin and his country...oh...omg, i think i get it. he's doing it for his country so they can have the aliance instead of calvin's country. oh...is that it? did i get it right? anyway, i shall not give up on my castel theory because if he doesn't come back to life alyx'll never forgive her...or she could tell him the whole story about that being her father too...hm...that could work as well...hm...anyway i think i'll still hold hope that alyx and kayla find out they're not really related so that they can get together. i've got my fingers crossed. oh and by the way, was this your shorter update time? goodness, you authors are going to kill me one these days i swear...
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