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7/12/2006 c1 ebony

I am SO sick of you guys having white oc's and naming them Ebony. It really makes me sick and is a personal insult actually. I mean the word itself means black, what white ppl in their right mind do you know that names their child Ebony? None, cause they know it makes zero since. *rolls eyes*
3/28/2005 c7 31Shadow Gryphon
*laughs* I liked the humor scattered throughout the fight scene. It really eased the tension.

*sweatdrops* Ah... I think you updated this about a week ago... Sorry for missing it...

Do update again soon!

3/26/2005 c7 slayerofevil17
one word, swet. i like it alot sis, i'm definatly a fan of Exiekiel. type more, update and u people had better kepp reading it...or else
3/24/2005 c7 Dark Angel
Nice combat scenes. Loki is really nuts he needs a strait jacket and a white padded room.
3/23/2005 c6 8Kumiko Neko
WOOHOO i finally got to read the new update chapter and man do mesa like...Ezekial sounds like a very interestiong character and i truely cant wait for the next update and i hopw its soon ^_^ thanksies big sis
3/7/2005 c6 Lizopath
I wouldn't say boring...I've written worse. And posted it too. (Thank god for the "remove" button). Actually, I kind of like it, although it strikes me as connective material.

Hm...interesting. Angels and demons sword fighting. I like the Angel slang for their ranks.

One question though. Is this supposed to be happening in the modern time period? It would seem so but that's been unclear thus far. Plus most modern people would have a hissy fit if they saw people carrying around large swords into bars.

Anywho. I eagerly await the next instalment
2/28/2005 c6 31Shadow Gryphon
Wow. ^_^ Great chapter! Loved the action... I guess that it would be Ebony who is 'breezing in on his turf.'

So-o. Update whenever you can... I'll be waiting...

2/23/2005 c6 26Dark Angel Of Heaven
Nice work... poor kid she's kinda lost...
2/23/2005 c4 Dark Angel Of Heaven
It's offical Loki is a nut case
2/17/2005 c5 31Shadow Gryphon
*bows* Sorry I got to this late. (Or did I? I'm not sure... I didn't get an alert...)

Well, this is good. Poor ma'am. But she'll show up again.
2/15/2005 c5 8Kumiko Neko
YAYS! ya updated big sis me soo happy...and Loki got whacked with a beating stick lol but it sad now the ols woman is gone wa =*(...well update again soon please *bounces off the walls) yippee...and ya gotta love biology for giving me this time to read hehe
2/7/2005 c5 9jinyuy
that was a very short chapter for havin had to wait so long to read it... *grumbles* UPDATE MORE FREQUENTLY! sigh* at least when it taes me forever to updatei put in a long chapter. well, it was good, and i was beginning to think that thw woman waws definitely not there by coincidence, as you hinted when she died. I'm having trouble weeing where this is going to go though, because it's takingforever for the plot to get going. Get to the point! Just kidding. Do the story how you want. it's YOUR story, right? *sigh* I need help.
2/6/2005 c5 Lizopath
Again you have taken my breath away with your descriptions. One of your greatest strengths in writing, I think.

I like the progression of the plot. Universal themes and yada to enjoy as well.

Wow, did Adrian hypnotize her or what? EK!

Nice touch that she never knew the old woman's name.

There were a coupel awkward sentences...you used the same word twice, or the same word multiple times in a paragraph.
2/4/2005 c3 jinyuy
update sooner! Jeeze! OH, and everyone should come and check out my poems at w.fictionpress.com/~jinyuy. Enjoy them, then review them! I demand it!
1/26/2005 c4 jinyuy
Very good. I like it all so far. Ebony needs to make friends on planet Earth, other than the freakish old lady or whoever is in that cave. Personally, I think it would be awesome for Adrian to return to the light, if that thing is even possible, and as for Loki. You portrayed Loki's personality perfectly. For being the representative of Chaos, Discort, and Mischief he's very cool. He's gonna get an ass-whooping though. (Just a guess)
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