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1/2/2005 c2 Theanyx
I agree with Silver (wow, I've never called her that before), and I definitely know what you mean about people who aren't "main characters." I notice some of my friends who are the quiet, more reserved type, but just because they don't talk doesn't mean they don't have a lot to say (sry for the cliche). They notice things that other people don't, there's a lot to observe beneath the surface (you know I should really listen to my own advice). You shouldn't mask your feelings all the time, but you're right, you shouldn't envelop yourself and your friends in them either. I dunno, from my experience, I don't think your a bystander. I can't tell you how nice it is to see a truly happy face at lunch everyday though, everyone needs a little light in their everyday lives... but you shouldn't surpress your feelings to be that.
12/17/2004 c2 13SilverGryphin
ha...we know you wont commit suicide. but i was right, see? no good deed goes unpunished...not exactly on topic but i like the song and it almost applies and im so high right now...and i had yummy taccos... ^.^ ~Silver
12/16/2004 c1 SilverGryphin
well how right was i? i predicted this what, a month ago now? i dont know if i posted that poem. oh yeah, i did. no pure heart. that was you i was talking about at the end. why cant anyone ever see whats right in front of their faces? nobody is completely happy. everyone hates themselves sometimes, or hates the rest of the world, even you. youre not immune, just smarter about it than the rest of us. but now seems the opportune time for the mask plea. please dont keep up a mask to save us. but dont do it to save yourself either, itll just end up hurting you more. dont end up like that. you can tell us when somethings going on, and i know that at least i will listen to you. so if you need anything, just ask, okay? ~Silver

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