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for Yellow Fingers

5/7/2005 c1 4swaggering curses
So sad, and so true. Again, beautiful descriptions. Speaking as one whose grandfather is going into the middle stages of Alzheimer's, it's lovely. =)
1/6/2005 c1 16Pico the Great
Sad. And very well done.

I went ot visit my grandmother in Florida recently, and this reminded me of the nursing home.

Again, good poem.

12/17/2004 c1 20Rimbaud's Whore
This was a lovely tribute. Wodnerful imagery, particularly, window with no view. Suggestion of the end of her life. Loved the edning. beautiful descriptions.
12/16/2004 c1 24Sarah-Brighteyes
Very nice imagery. This poem is very real for so many people..reminds me of the people at the nursing home I volunteer at. Good poem.

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