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for Yuletide Lament

7/4/2006 c1 31The Love Demi Goddess
Brightest Blessings!

You have a good point, however there are a few things I'd like to point out.

"Green Man" should be capitalized, as should "Horned God", and "Yuletide."

Also, the Christmas tree was a pagan tradition taken by the Catholics/Christians in order to convert more Pagans into Catholicism/Christianity.

Though I love this poem for its idea and its well written points, I would advice a restructuring on the part of your rhyming. Some of the lines sound forced and strained. Read it over and I'm sure you'd realize what ones.

On another note, however, it ended beautifully, and I give you credit for writing about such a controversial topic.

If you wish to talk, just email me at: (or you can add that email onto MSN messenger). I would love to talk with you.

Blessed Be.

Write hard,write long,write until dawn,~TLDG
3/30/2006 c1 204Karine Dragon'sheart
Though I'm not Wiccan, I respect it as a religion and a life style far more than I have ever respected Christianity. I saw your review on forgotten-magick's site, and thought that you might be another good poet. I see that I was right once again, and I grieve for the loss of the true festivals and celebrations. May your Beltane be bright, and may the bigoted fools behind that book someday see the importance those such as yourself present in our society. Laters, KD
11/16/2005 c1 13Ileandra Young
I love this. Truly I love this. It pains me more than anything else; the way such pure festivals have been taken and turned into something wicked and ugly by the church... that or simply stolen and morphed into something totally different.Its all about tolerance isn't it? And respect of what other people believe? A pity everyone cannot be so open and udnerstanding about what they believe in relation to what others do.
9/27/2005 c1 131forgotten-magick
this is so beautiful. just bloody beautiful. i was just having a- er- discussion about this with the christian club at my school. (boy was that a mistake. i think i need shots now.)

anyway, i love this, i really do. that bible thing you quoted is the biggest load of crap i've ever read. did you know that it's been rewritten like 7 times? it actually started off saying "thou shalt not suffer a traitor to live." isn't it funny how god's word changes over time?

great poem. thanks for the review.

blessed be.
9/15/2005 c1 128Cordelia Riordan
Oh my gods, this is so true.
3/3/2005 c1 3Tenshi1
This is very well spoken. I'm a catholic, i dunno if that means anything to you personally, but i have studied wicca and various other religions... it is truely a shame what has happened to the old ways. What is an even greater shame is the ignorance of people who 'embrace' certain religions or creeds and never understand what they mean or where their roots are. Keep writing, 'cause if we don't find understanding on a religious basis, we can find it in our emotions and words
2/18/2005 c1 48angelfelicity
very well written and if it were spoken it would grab peoples attention. *loves* anagel
1/23/2005 c1 21Kairi Shadowen Heart
Absolutely lovely! I especially enjoy who you managed to include every Pagan holiday as well, and how each has changed to something else. Beautifully written, and your passion for the subject shows. I honestly hope you write more like this, it's rare to find other writers who share in the same beliefs as myself. Blessed be.
1/13/2005 c1 187Andaren
Nice poem :) It's sad that all religions can't get along ... especially when a lot of the themes of our faiths are so similar.

Good work,

Blessed Be,

Andaren x
12/19/2004 c1 123dress her up in fairytales
=O This is very good. I love it. You expressed your emotions beautifully.
12/18/2004 c1 36Lotus Bleu
I love your poem. It has a great rhythm, and I agree.
12/17/2004 c1 79INTP
This is pretty good; you've obviously researched this a lot and I can see you're pretty devoted to Wicca and you're willing to stand up to the people who ripped off the early pagans to get them to convert. However, there's one minor mistake on the line "Lady's Yule log replaced by Christmas tree." First, the Yule log was named after the Norse god, Yolnir, the light-bearer. Also, the Christmas tree has been a pagan symbol for centuries, since it represented everlasting life through the darkness of winter. A Yule log is actually sawed off of the Christmas tree at the end of the holiday. Enough of a history lesson though. This is a scathing reply to all of those who claim Christmas to be their own.
12/17/2004 c1 74laughter at the funeral
this is really mind opening...a piece of poetry with good points behind it...and the rhyming is very good...nice job! oh and pls if you have the time...pls do review some of my poems...thanks...truly yoursserene-rhapsody

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