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5/29/2018 c13 Inactive1110639
aww, just as it was getting even MORE interesting... in love with Silver and Leil!
3/5/2017 c13 1C. Miles
I don't really know what to think of this yet. It's probably among the weirdest things I've read (not a bad thing). I wish there was a bit more depth in the beginning, it went really fast for me. I think it's really good though. I can't wait to read more (because I don't know about you but chapter 13 is kind of a cliff hanger)!
10/16/2013 c13 Fangirl
ok more.
8/27/2011 c13 White cherry
This story is very cool.. Umm.. I hope you wright more ch... 
5/25/2006 c13 WitchGhost
I read all 13 chapters and enjoyed them. There were some problems with word placment and spelling all that crap. Good Job!
9/18/2005 c13 3Deadly Beautiful
Oh, YAY they got away! This is a good story...can't wait to see what happens next! : )
7/9/2005 c13 3Sunny whitepaws
You must continue this story it is simply genouis! I dont Know if i spelled that right. very good story im anxouis to see what happens next!
3/28/2005 c13 1Nebula Laeanir Soldretae
It was great!
3/18/2005 c12 4Property of Hiei
very nice. please continue. i am thoroughly enjoying this story. ^_^
2/21/2005 c11 10Green Forest
You stink sap with ending the story right there. Lovers? what? when did that happen? Anyways, Is Silver going to be okay?
2/19/2005 c10 13Widom
I absolutely love this story: It is very creative, and the chapters are not all agonizingly long. One bit of advise though: check your spelling when you have time, or get someone else to do. This is not criticism. Like I said, I love this story.
2/15/2005 c10 10Green Forest
::smiles evily:: either I totally missed the point or I'm right, but I thought it was hilarious, because at first I thought Leil was mean, then I laughed at the end, maybe it wasn't funny oh well I thought it was. My friends also think I'm the biggest prude in existence, well except that really horny bi guy in my band, who writes stories and makes me read them, and write responces. Oh well. Anyways, sorry about rambling, but erm, I think I updated last on the twelvth or something.
2/5/2005 c9 3Aneja
Well then. How did you e-mail me about this story and I have never read it?hrm...*thinks* WELL I LOVE THE STORY! Post more
2/1/2005 c9 10Green Forest
I'm situated on earth in the milky way galaxy, ever hear of it? Just kidding. I'm just from boring US, Massachusettes(can't spell that for the life of me) to be exact. No, I didn't expect the chase to be so short, but they got away for now. That's what counts.
2/1/2005 c9 2EvilAngelReturns
Hey! Please update soon! This story is turning out great!
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