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8/9/2006 c3 a lonely september
another interesting poem. i like the theme of it and i liked the line 'always would bounce off a star'...
8/9/2006 c2 a lonely september
i like this one. . . i like the way it ends too, 'do you know that now?'
8/9/2006 c1 a lonely september
i dont see why this isnt on its own. . . i bet im gonna be thinking that for a lot of them but this is just nice. just.. so interesting. its not the same as everything else so. .. .it makes it speeccial.
8/2/2006 c32 6Nobody-n-Particular
Wonderful diction.
8/2/2006 c31 Nobody-n-Particular
The description is very unique.
8/2/2006 c30 Nobody-n-Particular
Splendid, love the comparisons.
8/1/2006 c24 102Joewhatever
(So much for not gushing. :P)

I LOVE this. The tone, diction...gah.

Oh, and then there's the, "wait did this happen to me?" factor, which clinches the matter.

Great poem. This is really a -very- well-done piece.
8/1/2006 c23 Joewhatever
this could very easily become a song. if it isn't already. er.

but really- i think i love this.

i feel his breath like morning's first light

but it will only come to me softly in the night.

^^ FABULOUS imagery, etc, etc.

Anywho, before I start gushing starry-eyed about just how much I adore this poem... I'm favoriting it and... yes. Wonderful job. I could...um...lick it?
8/1/2006 c17 Joewhatever
eyes clicking away

^ i find that line very interesting. because eyes and clicking don't usually figure together for me? But this works. Quite well.

I like the ending, too. Throughout the poem the tone seems to get louder and more vehement, and at the end it's very decisive- and a little abrupt?- like it's saying, "Alright. Here's my conclusion. And that's it. Done."


And thanks for the review(s). I ignore most of my author alerts too.
6/15/2005 c6 Joewhatever
i liked this- it was really rambling and conversational... and the image of a walking heart picking fruit to put in a basket is amusing. heehee. nicely done.
5/16/2005 c29 47i was a postcard
burn. this is amazing...almost apathetic in it's anger..lazy in the passion...that made no sense. so wonderfully described. my fingers feel heavy and know not what to say.
5/15/2005 c3 44Stormer
This one makes me wonder about the guy, what kind of person he was, what he was aiming for, etc. i.e. unmetaphorically speaking :) Nice.
5/15/2005 c1 41Scripture
Wow I really love the imagery in this one... and the personification. Very cool I liked how you made earth like a little pouty teenager. The part where God speaks to his Archangel was awesome as well :P great great job on this one and thx for the review!
5/15/2005 c27 194Aslan Israel
Wow. Powerful words, wonderful descriptions. Brilliant.
5/15/2005 c7 35crooked on paper
Makes me think Dismemberment Plan. Extremely good.
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