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for my scorsese days

4/27/2005 c23 194Aslan Israel
haunting. Love the ending. Brava.
4/22/2005 c22 47i was a postcard
O-o-o, scorching. I love the slashes at the beginning. And the imagery! Genius.
4/22/2005 c21 i was a postcard
Hah! That was funny.
4/22/2005 c20 i was a postcard
I *really* like this. There was some other author, I forget who, who always did poems like this, just one rushed line. Love it. Sorry for lack of reviews, but once again, I've just been reading...haven't really had any words to give lately. but I'm enjoying it all and I really think you're writing some of your best stuff.
4/19/2005 c22 29TMO
I feel a slashing going on in this poem. I feel rage sputtering in all directions and little drops of it falling onto the page and soaking into words. I don't know if you intended it to be this way, but I felt hate. (What is love, and what is hate? blah, a whole new conversation.)
4/19/2005 c21 TMO
Bitterness is what it is called, bitterness is part of us all.
4/19/2005 c20 TMO
Unique type of writing, I had to read it twice, it's beautiful the way it is. I like it... I like it... I'd keep saying that over and over again... this is truely one of your good pieces. Especially the end is nice. It stays beside my mind, the last line is like a can opener wearing it's teeth down on the titanium lid of my mind. I want to remember what those lines felt like, I want to feel what I used to feel and remember all the scents... I need a line more powerful though... It's the first line to do that in a long time, but it needs to be more powerful to defeat the clamp on my mind. Now I'm just babbling , it was a good piece witha powerful ending, I must say I liked it.
4/19/2005 c19 TMO
I still haven't seen the ocean yet either too. I don't believe I ever will.
4/17/2005 c22 8Spiral Artist
A poem with blood on white. Absolutely amazing.
4/14/2005 c20 194Aslan Israel
I like the run-on style. It just does something...
4/14/2005 c19 Aslan Israel
I like this one a lot. Very honest and open. Brava.
4/14/2005 c22 Aslan Israel
Interesting and original. Great job.
4/14/2005 c22 96Devil's Footprint
Great- it gets its meaning across without stating it outright
4/14/2005 c21 Devil's Footprint
so simple, yet so meaningful. Amazing
4/9/2005 c18 47i was a postcard
you are just getting better and better. you were awesome before, now you're just getting...undescribable. oh wow i really spelled that awfully. ah well. this was, i mean, definitely one of the best things you've written. and i get the same feeling as the last one: rock!
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