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for my scorsese days

12/19/2004 c9 84Escapist
You have no idea how excited I was to see this anthology of yours. NINE poems, all at once! And right around Christmas, too...
12/18/2004 c9 47i was a postcard
It's really hard for me to come up with original things to say now about poems...in general...but I like to respond just so that you know someone DOES read every single thing you post. And I love it all!
12/18/2004 c1 243Manuel Fajar
Uck—an ugly muddy mess it was too. I know, Methuselah told Noah who mentioned it casually the other day. m
12/18/2004 c2 Manuel Fajar
I don't believe a single word of it. There's no love to go around in a prime like the 11th month, and the 12th month—why, it's composite (three and four already occupy it!). m
12/18/2004 c3 Manuel Fajar
I think he hallucinated that a star was bubblegum and the cheese on the moon was blue. So you see, in all reality, his aim warn't that bad. m
12/18/2004 c4 Manuel Fajar
That's why I've retired to a monastery and given up on humanity. And, I'm about to scratch off both cats and dogs next! m
12/18/2004 c5 Manuel Fajar
Actually she had a rather strange tongue—it was perfect in every way. m
12/18/2004 c6 Manuel Fajar
¿Isn't that the way of hearts, that when you try to tame 'em, they just go off and do their thing? Neat poem. m
12/18/2004 c8 Manuel Fajar
The perfect solution—¡Flip the page! Clever. m
12/18/2004 c7 Manuel Fajar
Dark and sardonic—but, witty. m
12/18/2004 c9 Manuel Fajar
Lot's of images floating on a Brahms intermezzo that's playing as I read this. m
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