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7/15/2007 c1 1BreatheNJ
you know whats freaking me out right now?

the fact my name is jessica smith

and i live in new jersey.

and my boyfriend's name is Kyle.

have you been stalking me?

6/30/2006 c12 Irma
Oh My God! Please Please Please Update! I am dying to find out what happens next! This story is great! Don't change a thing about it. And i like having both Kyle and Jessica's Point of View, instead of the third person. Once again, UPDATE!
5/4/2005 c12 2hurricane1
patty! i hate u...! u neva tell me wen u upate! gr...im gona get bak at u on friday...u just wait...wait i'll prob forget anywayz...so yea...newyz u ahve an awesoem plot..m.e luv this sotry...from now, im gonna put this story on my fav list (hehe arent i nice? *cough* unlike sum pple *cough*) so i noe wen u update...so hah! im gonna noe wen u update!...**sticks tongue out**...cya gurl!-hurricane
4/26/2005 c12 11Enigmatic Huntress
I'm really starting to get into this now. I thought it was kinda sudden how soon jess and Kylan made up but it was so cute. Then two crazy people have to come along and ruin it. (making it all the more fun and interesting.) In the chapter where they have the ice cream fight you say Jess and Kyle are fighting and Cindy and kyle(I think you meant Cindy and Raph) Apart from the odd tiny mistake this is just getting better and better. Before when I reviewed it , I enjoyed it as light enterainment but it didn't really have anything to make it stand out of the pack. Now, though, it has. I'm actually worried in case either Jess or Kyle die(although that would still be a good end, I actually LIKE kyle now.) I wonder how long before he finds out the kids are his? He still better have a good reason for cheating on her in the past, though. I hate michelle(she's a childish spoilt brat who needs to realise Kyle loves and always did love Jess. I can't believe Jess was ever friends with someone like her. Was she mad? Araon I prefer to Michelle but still hope he gets cooked alive. Like Cindy she's spunky, and it's such a shame Raph is gay. uPDATE ASAP! luv Kaitx
4/23/2005 c7 Enigmatic Huntress
I like this so far. I'm even (gasp) starting to feel sorry for Kyle, and believe me, getting me to feel sorry for any male, especially one like Kyle who I pretty much hate, is a acheivement worthy of a gold medal all on it's own. I like what you have done with the povs. My only not so good comment is in your first few chapters there are the odd grammer, absent words or spelling mistake(you might want to hire a friend or family member to proof read for you.) Not that i'm a sad person with no life who seeks out every grammer mistake to get a kick and never makes one of her own. I don't. I make 20! It's just I know how hard it is to notice the odd little mistakes with author eyes. Which is probably why I can glare at my computer for a good 30 minutes, check every captial is in the right place, every line word perfect, then post it. Only to suddenly notice the pre-school punctation errors I make. Anyway, nice story, touching(with the kids and father not knowing each other) and funny too(loved the photo shoot.)
4/23/2005 c12 Without You
okay at the word razor blade like tons of suggestions rushed through my brain. What's Michelle going to do? ~ AJ
3/12/2005 c11 2Blood Wingz
3/7/2005 c11 Without You
Well,can you blame the silent readers? It's just so easy to review every now and then. :) Good chapter, keep up the writing.

3/4/2005 c11 help
it is the photography world not photographer world! you have quite a few grammer errors. the story needs better editing. also i was really enjoying the story before the Aaron bit.
3/4/2005 c11 windowbreak
pat! nice chapter! galing mo! keep it up! nakakatamad mag review but here i am! u knw, i also know that peopleread my stories but are too lazy to review...but hey, im reviewin. :)
3/3/2005 c11 11arachibutyrophobia
i think i had a guess who the second person was...kyles ex (a girl) or an ex of jessie (guy) maybe another model at the shoot? or (gasp) someone trusted? dunno. one thing. u wrote, "He said in an exasperated tone." maybe there's another meaning, but 'exasperated' doesn't feel right with the chappie. maybe anguished (or is that too emotional?) hard, furious... yeah. oherwise, awesome! poor kylePLEASE UPDATE!

3/3/2005 c11 Jabber Jaws
I really likee this story. It is great not knowing what to expect next. Can't wait till the next update!
2/26/2005 c10 CoOkIe MoNsTeR
hmm, you sure suprised me with that Aaron guy! good chapter! a few mistakes i think, but that's it! keep updating
2/25/2005 c10 Without You
Hmm...as the "master" of cliffhangers, good job. As a reader...I want more story...(wide grin) and please let Kyle find her.
2/25/2005 c10 topsecret32
MAHA! this story is getting go00od...PROMISE ME ULL UPDATE THIS! COMMON I LOVE IT! truz me...its awsome. pat, promse natin mg update tayo b4 da esp tiba? hehee! 5 days na walang FP! NO! maski walang computer! shiieet! lol. anyway, update within a weeks time or ill hunt u down. U CANT LEAVE ME IN SUSPENCE! .
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