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2/24/2005 c11 2hurricane1
hm...i dunno...but yea...hey...cookie monster reviewd for ur story! but she's anonymous rite? so yea..newyz...ur chappies are too short now man! and tell me wen u update!...newyz...g2g...bubi!
2/24/2005 c11 uusernname
You are mean. You just... Left it there. Please update, or I will go insane. Muahaha.
2/24/2005 c11 21Dina Rogoziansky
wow. and i thought the drama would end as soon as kyle and jessica made up. well, good job.
2/24/2005 c11 Raging Libra
I like this story. I really do. But could you clear something up for me? Are the twins 4, 3, or 2?
2/24/2005 c11 Birdytamel
OMG! She's been taken! KYLES GONNA FLIP (well, so is everyone else, but especially kyle) so is this aaron guy gonna kill her? Is he acting alone, or is he workin w/ someone who's also angry at jessie...or maybe kyle?UPDATE!

2/24/2005 c10 Birdytamel
A STALKER? o_0 oh dear. lol poor Jessica... thats really embarassing to be carried because EVERYONE stares at you. But yuo goota admit, screaming doesnt help...;-)

2/18/2005 c10 2Blood Wingz
Yeah i finally finished reading the whole thing...i never knew you could write so well...who's the guy following them anyways? WELL KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK...note: did kyle really have to cheat on someone named michelle? lets just hope you wrote the first chapter whe i wasn't here...
2/5/2005 c10 Raindr0ps
Sorry for not checking up for a while. Fantastic story.. I'm still hooked on it! ^.^ Keep it up!
2/5/2005 c10 katie kate
write more pleaz so i can see wat happens in da end
2/2/2005 c10 cOokIe MoNsTeR
awesome! totally keep updating! who's the guy in the shadows anyway?
2/1/2005 c10 6Adders721
Aw...I wonder who the person is? Can't wait for more! Please update soon!~adders~
2/1/2005 c10 2hurricane1
hmm..who's the guy? the mysterious guy? is he hott? hehe..jk jk...so yea..newayz...update k?...im not sure if this review will get to ya...cuz my review thing is experiencin sum weird problems...so yea..and i'll update she is the one this weekend..i think...or next weekend k? well cya...bye bye!-hurricane
1/31/2005 c10 4windowbreak
too short. anyway, im knda confused? update soon. dami mong reviews from peopel i dont knw! not fair...:( LOL. im updating sinka and until he came soon.
1/31/2005 c10 there but not
cool! I love it!
1/29/2005 c9 11arachibutyrophobia
Poor Kyle...his knight in shining armor attempt turned into foot-in-mouth, and he doesnt even know it!
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