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1/29/2005 c6 11arachibutyrophobia
Kyle 's so lost...hah he deserves it. loved her thoughts as their modeling, hilarious!
1/29/2005 c2 arachibutyrophobia
Seventh paragraph was confusng, make 2 paragraphs from it...why is Kyle being all possesive? No right at all...*scowls*
1/29/2005 c1 arachibutyrophobia
CLIFFHANGER! lol. i love new york too...
1/26/2005 c10 katie kate
hey patty great story few spellin mistakes doe at 1 point u said dat da twins had green eyes den latter on day had blue eyes just wanted to let u knowreally good doe cant wait to read more
1/25/2005 c10 kat
what i want to know is why he cheated on her...cuz it still seems like he never got over her and actually "loved" her. but he cheated on her and i can't understand that.
1/25/2005 c9 4windowbreak
i hope you fixed that problem with the age thing. if u change them to 2 yrs old, then why are they in school? u didnt think about it did ya...-_-...anyway, what a freak. she didnt fight. i hate you talaga pat! ang DAMI DAMI mong reveiws galing sa people na hindi natin kilala! ano ka ba! for 8chapters (technically) u have 36 chapters na! ano ba yan! it's like, 36/8 = 4.5 per chapter! GWAH! so much more than mee! 76 reviews for 14 chapters...that's 5.4285714285 and im not gonna bother anymore cuz it'll never end. im such a review freak...-_- basta patty, i love this story more than mine...add more drama between the two ok? hahahahahaha!
1/25/2005 c9 5Angel302

i really like the story, i'm glad that they are friends now. can't wait to read more.

1/24/2005 c9 Dina R
i cannot believe she just forgave him. well, let him try to be her friend at least. i woulda kicked him out. threatened to call the police if he didnt leave me alone. i mean, ok, so i tend to hold grudges, but come on! how can she just let him try to make it up to her? he HURT her! he has no right to even look or think about her.
1/24/2005 c9 4Carina
I'm confused...the girls are Kyle's kids right? How can they be four then?
1/24/2005 c9 2hurricane1
good job...nice chappy..ur developin sumthing..good..so yea..newayz..update..and tell me wen u do! gr..cya!-hurricane
1/19/2005 c7 Raindr0ps
I like Jess's attitude. *wink You update a lot while I wasn't around didn't you? Great story, keep it up! I'll be checking on it annually to see if you've done your job. Heehee
1/16/2005 c1 3br8kin-d-habit
im sorry, but u sound like a proffesional writer, not the girl I know. u supriess me kenshin :P. ur really good as a new author. keep it upI can get the feeling that they are in new york. have u even been to new york?peace,br8kin_d_habit
1/15/2005 c7 4Takara Taji
i personally don't care if it's in first person or 3rd. it's really good. update really soon. I want to see what happens.
1/15/2005 c1 suhani
you have a little problem with capitalization, maybe you should edit your story. since people like story well typed. just suggestion! keep up with your good work!
1/15/2005 c7 4pooky wingz
i lyk it from bof povs da lil kids r so cute!
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