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1/14/2005 c7 4windowbreak
WAH! i only have damn 9 reviews for 3 chapiies! gr...oh well. u guys are SO TAMAD TO REVIEW KASI EH! anyway, damnit cant he just LOOK AT THE FREGEN MIRROR AND NOTICE TAHT THE EYES ARE HIS? what a stupid ead. haha. ikaw ha, UPDATE FAST OR I SWEAR ILL KILL U IN SCHOOL. IM WARNING YOU!
1/12/2005 c6 4pooky wingz
AWESUM STORY! *thumbs up* :D hehhe but does kyle actualy have an excuse? he betta have a gud 1...da twins r so cute!
1/10/2005 c6 4windowbreak
hey good jub. update soon. read m new story kz? love diz. huahahah
1/4/2005 c6 4Takara Taji
this just keeps getting better and better. I liked jess's thought's during the shooting, and the kids, awsome. update soon.
1/4/2005 c5 Takara Taji
wow, so good. this is a really exciting story. i can't wait to read the next chapter. keep up the good work.
1/4/2005 c6 Dina R
oh the drama! lol. ok, i'll be serious now. her friends are almost as bad as mine. what happened to support? wut happened to "i'll always be there for ya"? what kinda friend laughs at such a horrible situation? oh, n her ex is the most retarded guy on the planet. he cheated on her (and w/ her friend too!), then he comes back expecting her to be civil, n he can't even see the resemblence in his own kids? what is this world coming to? oh, n the photographer deserves to be shot dead. *glares at evil photographer* *photorgrapher gulps* "uh oh." - photographer."oh, ima show u 'uh oh' alright, u lil squeez! come back here!" dina chases photographer w/ a machine gun. *dina laughs evil laugh*
1/3/2005 c5 Dina R
WHAT? shes gonna have to deal w/ that fucking bastard at work now too? is she being punished for something? god, i feel so bad for her. wait a minute, where were her bodyguards when that other jerk nearly raped her? aren't they paid to keep her safe? n ralph shoulda been paying attention too. where was he during the whole nearly-molested-then-saved-by-the-cheating-ex episode? u know, maybe models DO have it hard sometimes.
1/3/2005 c4 9springish
Aw, no! Don't leave it there. I want to know what the Bad News is. Just checked out your story now. Kyle seems like a jack-ass. Gr. And especially since Jessica was pregnant. Double gr. Anyway, hope you update soon. I wanna see what happens next. :D
12/31/2004 c4 4Takara Taji
keep writing it like you are. I like it that way. though sometimes it can be goo in first person, but the way you are writing it fits this story well.
12/31/2004 c3 Takara Taji
cool even more! can't wait to read next chappie!
12/31/2004 c2 Takara Taji
oh! i likie!though i think u meant nerve instead of never in that one spot where ralph says something along these lines: "i can't believe you have the NEVER to say that to Jessica." or something like that. :)just wanted to inform ya!
12/31/2004 c1 Takara Taji
so good! u mean the guy that cheated on her? cool!
12/31/2004 c4 10Ashley Tucker
Your welcome!Thanks for reading mine to!I understand your struggle! =P
12/31/2004 c4 Without You
what did he tell her, what did he tell her? Come on...don't leave me hanging. Well...okay...you can. very good chapters by the way.
12/31/2004 c4 Raindr0ps
Yay! Two new chapters in one day. I like Ralph.
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