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for the jody contention

2/17/2005 c1 do not resuscitate
this is fucking amazing.

2/6/2005 c1 69this is britt
Despite what you say, I love your writing. I want it, like, read to me before I go to sleep. We need to work on "Silicon" sometime again.
2/2/2005 c1 15BecomingMyself
I don't understand what the story is about, but I think,it is because English is not my native language.That I did understand was amazing to read.

I like your imagery and the use of poetical sentences.I would have liked to pick one out, but they are too many!

(What are/is "The Tanés Putrefaction": I am very curious to get to know what the story is about...)

In your review to Lessons Taught, you were talking about wanting to come up with some new ideas; I am pretty sure you did just that with the jody contention.

So keep going with that!

Great read, great lines in a poetical story...
12/31/2004 c1 3Rosetifer
is this a rewrite? you are a really amazing writer and i love your work...complete awesomeness
12/19/2004 c1 5Eagle Seance
hey again. glad to see you're back. is this a repost? or a re- write? and yes, my story has gotten creepier and the creepiness isn't going to end lol. hope you post more soon.

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